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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Coming soon; Part-One-Exposing the scumbag who put someone dear to me on drugs...

You might wonder why I have been away from my blog for a couple of years.
Well, someone close to me, (not gonna point to a specific person by name), was put on drugs, by a local drug dealer. I have been trying to get this person off drugs, dedicating all my time to getting their life back on track. And may I report, that it has been successful-so far...Thank the Creator...
Wasn’t easy, but with love, attention and sacrifice, things have turned around.
The f*cking assh*le (pardon my angry French) who did this, not only put this person on drugs, but made them into one of his customer. And when they got off drugs, had the balls to attack them online calling them a drug addict...and also attacking me. (BAD MISTAKE)
This scumbag is still dealing his poison openly and many people are starting to wonder why after so many years, he is free to do so...Every end of the month this leech, when welfare, disability comes out, makes his rounds, preying on the poor...

I still have to make sure all is working fine and on the right track, but in the near future, I will expose this dog, (my apologies to good dogs), including proof he is committing fraud with disability programs while making thousands on the side.  I am also sure internal revenue would be interested?

Let’s make it clear, not talking about weed, marijuana, I have nothing against that. I have terrible tremors, neurological problems, which turned me into a reclusive person. (It is terribly embarrassing to be in public). I have at times, tried cannabis tea and it has helped...it is very difficult to even type, but I make do with the life I have, with the support of my family, good friends, and my spirituality.

When this is done and I am sure I have done all I can for  this special person, part two will expose same person as an abuser, financially, emotionally and physically, of women...with proof.

As for this poor excuse of a human being, or anyone wondering if this is legal. I have one thing to say to you... Go ahead, sue me...PLEASE.
I would never say, or in this case, write anything, without definite proof.
So what do you think, would you?

Have a good day, and remember, family love and closeness can be the answer to any problems.
And as parents, WE... are the role models.