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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Morning Joe; When you stab someone in the back, don't expect them to be nice, sit back and do nothing. Hypocrites.

Before...Watch MSNBC’S Mika Shamlessly Flirt with Donald Trump

After...With all the anger and nasty comments coming from Mika and Joe of MSNBC, the video below makes you wonder if the nasty Mika is just an act…Ya think? These two couldn’t be happier that now they’re in the spotlight.

“I think Trump is such a narcissist, it’s possible he is mentally ill in a way and this is on the table, I said it months ago and now everyone is starting to say it like it’s new, and it’s ok to say. He’s not well,” she said. “At the very least, he’s not well. And he’s so narcissistic he does not believe the rules apply to him, and that’s where the ignorance label may apply because this is a man who says he can grab women anywhere because he’s famous.”
Then something very curious happened.
Scarborough looked off camera and can be heard saying, “What’s that? Wow,” Then Willie Geist showed him something and the two started laughing. Then a clearly not listening Scarborough, banged the table.
“Stop right there,” he laughed “I need an eject button.”
“He posted it?” Scarborough appeared to ask someone else?
Brzezinski finally realized that nobody was listening to her and demanded an explanation.
“Nothing I have said is crazy,” she said.
“We’ll talk about it in the break,” said Scarborough barely able to get it out through his own laugher.
The show soon went to break. When it returned Scarborough joked about “keeping it in the guard rails.”
Brzezinski appeared to offer an explanation of her actions. “I am keeping it in the guard rails. Everything I’ve said you all have thought and you know and you’ve said in your own way.”
“You’re going to talk to me about a filter?” she snapped at Scarborough.

Explaining the MSM and morning joe.
“You attack a man repeatedly who’s a proud man, who’s an accomplished man, who is a man’s man. You attack him personally. You attack him for his looks. You attack him for his genitalia. And at some point, a man’s gonna stand up,” Levin said on “Hannity” Thursday.

What about other MSM's thoughts on all this?
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