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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

It says it all on where we are at...satanists vs Pro-life.

Satanists mock babies in face-off against pro-life prayer warriors in Michigan
"Why in the world would Planned Parenthood want to let themselves be associated with this?

The Satanic Temple held a similar counter-protest in the Detroit area last August, as faux priests poured milk over women pretending to pray.
The group says it does not worship a literal Satan, or even believe in his existence, but are dedicated to using the First Amendment's protection of religious freedom against pro-life and Christian conservatives.
For instance, Satanists have petitioned for a "religious exemption" from pro-life laws, saying that Missouri's informed consent law violated the religion of Satanism.
Although not associated with the Satanic Temple, a group of abortion supporters chanted “Hail Satan!” while pro-life Christians sang “Amazing Grace” at the Texas statehouse before the passage of that state's ban on abortions for babies capable of feeling pain, in July 2013.
Read whole story here.
They don't believe satan exists???? But they do it's work???
First of all when someone does this they believe in Heaven and hell, and second when you side with what is basically evil against life, well, these "people" will not like the place they are headed to...

Even freedom has to have limits, when you accept anti-life in a society, like these fools, you accept evil has a place in society. Whats ridiculous about giving free reign to evil, which is based on chaos and division, you give a place to what is the main tool to destroy what is good in life. After all evil has one goal....to destroy the circle of life.
Why would anyone give rights to an ideal that seeks to wipe life off the face of the Earth...
And if anyone believes they do not worship satan but claim to be for freedom of religion, then you don't understand the best tool behind satanism, "to make people believe satan or evil does not exist".
Whether one believes in the devil or not, the point is, evil does exist, give them a platform and they become...an acceptable part of society and evil acts are explained as an acceptable part of life...
And when that happens, we already lost...
The warnings are there...evil and it's servants are visible for all to see...what happens next is not up to those who provide them with a platform (elitists) but to the people who can put an end to all this overnight.