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Friday, June 2, 2017

Trying to feminize the male species...Remember the ridiculous romphim? Well here is the "lace shorts".

If “lace will be in this summer,” them I have never been more happy to be considered out of fashion. Sweet mother of mercy – what is WRONG with the fashion industry??

I can’t decide whether to laugh at these idiots (who are these guys trying to intimidate, anyway?), or look up the sex offender registry to see if any of their pictures show up. None of this says “Moral, Upstanding Citizen” to me. In fact, if you see a grown man dressed like this, hide your children. That’s going to scar them for LIFE.

If you’re a guy who thinks it’s so hot outside that you have to wear shorts made of lace, just stay home. Please.
Wear one of these and see women's reaction...
Nuff said...

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