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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Racism and BLM? Prof. Claims 'Public Lynching' After Being Suspended for Comments

NJ Prof. Claims 'Public Lynching' After Being Suspended for Comments on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight'

A New Jersey professor claimed her Newark school "publicly lynched" her after she was indefinitely suspended for remarks she made recently on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."
Lisa Durden taught communications and pop culture classes at Essex County College in the Brick City.
Earlier this month, she went on Carlson's program to defend a "blacks-only" Memorial Day celebration.
"Boo hoo hoo - you white people are angry because you couldn’t use your white privilege card to get invited to the Black Lives Matter's all black, Memorial Day celebration," Durden told Carlson.
Carlson had said that Black Lives Matter claims to fight segregationist rhetoric, but that their Memorial Day plans contradict that.
Two days later, Durden arrived on campus to news that she had been "indefinitely suspended" by the school.
Durden later told the Newark Star-Ledger that the administration "humiliated" her.
"Essex County College publicly lynched me in front of my students," she said.
Watch the clip above and check out the debate with Durden below.

First; Using the words "public lynching" by this woman is a well co-ordinated defense of her racist rant in order to make anyone who disagree with her, specially if they are white, cower because of what happened in the past. With the politically correct mindset in the west, I have to admit, and say...well done.
The usual defense of any racist rant is usually to turn the table and attack those who point out the obvious and accuse them of racism.

Second; Imagine for one minute what would happen if we would replace what she says from black to white.
All h*ll would break loose, lefties head would blow off, they would need safe spaces for weeks if not months, puppies to pet and play-dough to kneed.

Like we said in the previous post, blm has turned into what could have been a worth while political argument, to a racist organization by letting in people like her and there are many.

And when a liberal progressive professor disagree because of it's racist overtones, well he's pushed to resign and event threatened.

What blm is doing is opening up a whole can of worms here, if they are allowed to continue to fight racism with racism of their own, against white, then who is next, asians, native americans, latinos....racism as we have seen in the past is never concentrated against only one group, it eventually swallows up all.
One thing about the path they have taken they don't seem to realize, the type of argument they are stuck on brings on more racism. It will bring about resentment, and that can lead to hatred, then we are back fighting the same battles all over again.

What happened in the past is history, it cannot be changed, but we can learn from it, to constantly shove it in peoples faces as if it till exists in the extreme it used to be, makes one loose support.  Sure, racism is still here and will be here for a long time yet, but not in the intensity it was in the past, in order to eliminate it, one needs all races to work together to suppress it. No one race, whether black, white, red or yellow, can do it on their own and if they try, as blm seems to be doing, they alienate all others. BLM seems to want to bring back segregation and division of people according to their races. 

Maybe this professor up there should go back and read the past before she start to speak next time...
Here is where to start...

Pushing people in the back because of their race was wrong then, and this little lady knew that back in 1955 and decided to make a stand. BLM should also make a stand and explain that racism of any-kind, against anyone, could destroy the advancement we all made and still trying to make.

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