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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Argentina: 128-Year-Old Man Claims He's Hitler, Authorities Find Nazi Trove

An allegedly 128-year-old man in Salta, Argentina has announced he is in fact former Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, and has spent the last 70 years in hiding. While his claims stretch the bounds of believability to breaking point, they coincide with the discovery of a trove of Nazi memorabilia in the country.

Speaking in an interview with local media, the naturalized German immigrant explains he arrived in 1945 with a passport — allegedly a forgery produced by the Gestapo at the conclusion of World War II — identifying him as Herman Guntherberg.

 He said he decided to emerge from his extended period in hiding as Mossad — the Israeli secret service — officially abandoned their policy of pursuing Nazi war criminals in 2016. Much of Mossad's early work involved the capture of former Nazis hiding in Latin America, with the kidnap of Zyklon-B procurer Adolf Eichmann in 1960 a particularly famous example. He intends to publish an autobiography in September and "restore" his public image.
"I've been blamed for a lot of crimes I've never committed. Because of that, I've had to spend more than half of my life hiding from Jews, so I've had my punishment already. I've been depicted as a bad guy only because we lost the war. When people read my side of the story, it will change the way the perceive me," Guntherberg/Hitler said.

While mainstream historians universally concur Hitler committed suicide April 30, 1945 in the Fuhrerbunker, Berlin as the Red Army ran roughshod over the German capital, some alternative chroniclers have suggested the Fuhrer may have escaped to Latin America, as so many other Nazis did at the conclusion of the war.
In July 2016, Abel Basti published a revised edition of "Hitler in Exile" — he suggested the fallen Fuhrer fled to Argentina, where he then lived for ten years, before moving to Paraguay, under the protection of dictator Alfredo Stroessner, who had German roots. Basti says Hitler died February 3, 1971 in Paraguay.
Predictably, few believe the old man's story — including his wife of 55 years, Angela Martinez. She suggests his shocking claims are the product of dementia, and her husband never mentioned Hitler or the Nazis until 2015, when he began exhibiting symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. At most, she thinks her husband may have been a Nazi who feels guilty about his past.
"Sometimes, he would forget who I was and where he was. He looked like he was in trance, and he would start talking about Jews and demons. Then he'd come back to normal," she said.
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There is always that possibility he escaped Berlin in 1945.We now know for sure, no body was ever found.
The Russian claims that they had part of his skull and blood from the cough in the fuhrer bunker, was not true. Not that we can blame them for claiming the had parts of him after loosing over 25 millions of their citizen..
Test where done on both and I believe the skull was that of a young girl about 28 years of age and the blood did not match the records.
Plus many dead doubles where found in Berlin at the time. To throw off his pursuers?

As for this guy been him, not likely, the last videos of Hitler in 1945 shows the fuhrer in terrible medical condition,due to pills he was taking and signs of Parkinson, with an uncontrollable shaking left arm.

As the post says, this guy is probably one of the remnants of that era, looking for his last 15 min. of fame, but who really knows.

Hitler was a demi-god to the Germans of that time, specially to the nazis, I have no doubt they must of had a plan to ship him somewhere, if not for this reason, then to keep him from falling into the hands of the Russians. Maybe even to claim a sort of victory. Remember, no one in the nazi government ever sign the unconditional surrender in 1945, the army did.

Whatever comes out, about this story, conspiracy theorists will have a field day, nazis will claim a small victory, most will find  a way to ridicule it, as for the rest of us, well it was a long time ago, history shows same if not worse happened before and after, (Spanish inquisition, Native American people, stalin, mao,  could go on and on), the thing is, it's part of history and it's gone, never to come back.
We just have to be careful, such situations never happens again and hope humanity has or is evolving to a point where this is no longer acceptable.
But considering what's going on in the world today, with the hate in the forefront, we can only hope.

We have a few organizations we can point to that could be a problem...
1- blm aka black lives matter....a racist group who have been known to say...
"White people in the back" and "a day without white people" at a university...even going after a professor who himself is a declared liberal progressive because he dared to say it was racist.

2- antifa, aka antifascist... an anti free speech group who is also anti democratic and anti free expression. They even prevent people of different opinions to speak at universities, the bastion  of free speech.

Both of these claim to be SOCIALISTS and anti fascists???

What is a fascist? well it is for national "SOCIALISM"...A group who was known for it's racism, anti free speech, anti democratic, anti free expression.

Are we, the rest of us smart enough to recognize the similarities here and say....
Only time will tell....

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