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Friday, June 30, 2017

Feminism under attack as women defend men’s rights

As a fresh-faced 18-year-old Daisy Cousens left school firmly on board the feminism bandwagon. Like many millennial women she’d been seduced by what she now sees as an “entrenched victim mentality”, convinced the scales were tipped against her because of her sex. “I assumed I’d have to work twice as hard as men for half the recognition and that violent predators lurk around every street corner,” she says.
It took her years to discover she’d been duped. “I realised the feminist view did not reflect my life experiences. I grew suspicious. I couldn’t believe that somehow in Western society women were paid less than men or had fewer rights than men. And given my experience of men, I refused to believe there was an undercurrent of misogyny among all the wonderful men in my life,” says the 28-year-old, who is part of a growing global band of female activists speaking out about the demonisation of men. Some of the leading lights in this group will hit our shores next month to speak at an international men’s issues conference.
Cousens’s turnaround happened when she was working as a research assistant at the Menzies Research Centre, which led her to start asking questions. She found, for instance, that the much heralded “wage gap” largely could be explained by differences in men and women’s work and lifestyle ­choices. That was the beginning.
Cousens discovered a thriving online world questioning the feminist narrative and revealing the silencing of critical issues affecting men and boys. She’s now writing — mainly in The Spectator Australia and Quadrant — about what she sees as a “silent war on men”.
She is one of many women hosting screenings of Cassie Jaye’s controversial documentary The Red Pill, in which the young feminist filmmaker looks seriously at men’s issues and decides they warrant proper attention. Jaye renounced her feminism in protest against the way extremists were silencing discussion of such matters. Ironically Australia is the only country to ban a series of screenings in response to protests from small groups of feminists.
Cousens is confident of a full house for her screening, given the media coverage planned for Jaye’s appearance at the International Conference on Men’s Issues on the Gold Coast from Friday to June 12. The conference promises to be an interesting time for Cousens because, as a wannabe Honey Badger, she’ll also be meeting Karen Straughan and that’s as good as it gets.
Straughan, another speaker at ICMI, is one of the founders of the Honey Badger Brigade, a band of brash, witty female activists who’ve taken up the fight for a better deal for men and boys. Six years ago Straughan was a Canadian waitress and divorced mother of three who started blogging about how easy it would have been to use the family law system to destroy her ex-husband. She was astonished at how law and social institutions were stacked against men.
Straughan posted a blog (girlwriteswhat) that included this pithy summary of marriage today: “For women, marriage is all benefit and zero risk, and that’s why women are whining about men’s reluctance to tie the knot. But for men, it’s the other way around — no guaranteed benefit, and the kind of risk an adrenaline junkie would eschew.” Next came a YouTube video, Feminism and the Disposable Male, that has raked up more than 1.5 million views.
Through her social media activities, Straughan got to know other women interested in men’s issues, such as Alison Tieman who, with Straughan, started a Honey Badger radio show. Then there’s blogger Janet Bloomfield, whose take-no-prisoners writing style soon attracted a big audience for her JudgyBitch blog promoting “the radical notion that women are adults”.
When protesters threatened to shut down a men’s rights conference in Detroit in 2011, the Honey Badger Brigade flew in to act as “human shields”. It helps to have women involved because female activists can’t be dismissed as sad losers, suggests Straughan. “Men run the risk of being perceived as dangerous or threatening when speaking up,” she says, adding that male activists tend to be “mocked as whiny man-babies or dismissed as dangerous extremist reactionaries who want to make it legal to beat your wife”.
And the name Honey Badgers? That came from a funny YouTube video — The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger — that shows the vicious animal sticking its nose into bee-filled holes, gnawing on mice, tearing the heads off snakes and shaking off venomous cobra bites. It’s pretty silly, admits Straughan, but watch her shrug off the constant abuse she receives from feminists or reducing Naomi Wolf into a quivering heap on a television panel and you’ll see there’s something in it.
During Straughan’s visit to Sydney next month she will be appearing on Sky News’s Outsiders program, giving a talk at the Sydney Institute and doing a Q&A with viewers of Mark Latham’s Facebook page.
Then she’ll head up to the Gold Coast where she’ll join impressive speakers presenting at the men’s conference, including a striking number of women — such as Jaye, who is presenting a special screening of her movie.
Then there’s Erin Pizzey, world-renowned as the founder of Britain’s first women’s refuge, who back in the 1970s attracted the wrath of feminists by speaking out about women’s violence. Her determination to promote the truth about domestic violence — that it isn’t a gender issue — led to death threats, forcing her for a time to leave the country. She has been campaigning for more than 40 years about this vital social issue. Unfortunately ill-health has prevented Pizzey travelling and she’ll give her lecture via Skype.
Another Canadian speaker, Janice Fiamengo, is a professor of English literature whose hugely popular weekly YouTube program, The Fiamengo File, highlights the damaging impact of feminism in academe. She is scathing about women’s studies, which she believes has devolved into an intellectually incoherent and dishonest discipline replacing a callow set of slogans for real thought.
Local female men’s rights activists are excited about the chance to discuss with these luminaries how to get men’s issues on to the public agenda. Women such as Melbourne mental health advocate Rae Bonney, whose work with male-dominated workplaces reveals many of the contributors to the high male suicide rate, such as facing a biased family law system.
She says: “It’s both alarming and heartbreaking that so many of our social systems prevent men from getting the help and support they so desperately need. Every day I hear another story of a man who’s lost absolutely everything, often facing unproven accusations of violence and abuse.”
Bonney is on a high after hosting a recent Melbourne screening of The Red Pill, one of many I’ve organised through Fan-Force, a system that allows people to host local screenings of movies of their choice.
“We had nearly 200 people, including young women, couples and of course many men. There were a few tears and much applause before and after it ended. There’s a real sense that at last men’s issues are getting the attention they deserve,” says the delighted Bonney.
One real sign of a shift in the cultural dialogue is an upcoming event on ABC2’s Hack Live on June 20, Is Male Privilege Bullsh!t?, a debate where Jaye and various Honey Badgers will have a rare opportunity to show there are two sides to this story.
Most people, men and women have always known, in order to make things better for the next generation, we have to work "together". 
The idea feminism have that they speak for all women is something they falsely convince themselves of.
They are a very small minority among women and those who have that ideal, specially in the education system, eventually come to their senses once they are out of college and into the real world.

Men, "real men", have always defended the right of women to live safe and free and to be what they want to be.The idea men want women to stay in the home barefoot and pregnant is no longer part of the male thinking. If it ever was in the past, is because the world as it was, kept women safer at home...(a long long time ago)
After all men are fathers and certainly do not want their daughters to be anything else than independent women capable of handling the world before them. Not in the clutches of a controlling person.

In the feminist and mangina world, their "all men bad" philosophy, accuses the fathers, husbands, brothers and sons of women to be animals who go around looking for someone to rape and control them into slavery.
Their stupidity and hatred of the male species is causing their own downfall...
By always falsely accusing all men of what they perceive men to be, usually because of their own shortfalls, they open the eyes of "normal" women of the hatred feminism have for their own fathers, brother, husbands and sons.

I don't know if feminism ever had the high morals when it came to women's rights, in my opinion they were always a hateful ideology. 
Women's rights was not won by feminism, but by men and women working together for a better world...
They have become the clowns of society, that's why they are so angry lately whenever someone confronts them with the reality they created...
Less and less rational people take them seriously anymore, let alone any male who claims to be a feminist, which most women cringe when that claim is made.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

John McEnroe Won't Apologize For His Serena Williams Comments. And He Shouldn't.

On Sunday, tennis legend John McEnroe ruffled the feathers of feminists everywhere when he explained that tennis star Serena Williams, while being the "best female player ever," would rank around 700 in the men's circuit.

Here's the exchange with NPR reporter Lulu Garcia-Navarro:

    Garcia-Navarro: We're talking about male players but there is of course wonderful female players. Let's talk about Serena Williams. You say she is the best female player in the world in the book.

    McEnroe: Best female player ever — no question.

    Garcia-Navarro: Some wouldn't qualify it, some would say she's the best player in the world. Why qualify it?

    McEnroe: Oh! Uh, she's not, you mean, the best player in the world, period?

    Garcia-Navarro: Yeah, the best tennis player in the world. You know, why say female player?

    McEnroe: Well because if she was in, if she played the men's circuit she'd be like 700 in the world.

The Left, all too quick to be outraged, branded the colorful tennis player a sexist for daring to voice such a simple truth rooted in (apparently misogynistic) biology. The media, needless to say, began sharpening their knives for McEnroe the moment the NPR interview was published.

On Tuesday morning, CBS This Morning jumped at the chance to press the tennis star for his recently-committed sins against Feminism, but when confronted, McEnroe refused to apologize.

"I'm just waiting, would you like to apologize?" asked co-host Norah O'Donnell.

"Uh, no," answered McEnore, before lamenting the asinine tendency for those in the tennis world to compare men and women.

Good for McEnroe. He shouldn't be bullied by the media into an apology for stating something so obvious, backed by enormous evidence.

First of all, McEnroe did not slight Williams at all, as has been suggested. He made it clear that Williams is the "best female player ever — no question," and only made his comment about a possible 700 ranking when pressed by NPR. So the claim that his comment was "unnecessary" and therefore insensitive is absurd.

And then there's what McEnroe actually said. What is so offensive about Williams ranking 700 in the men's game? As noted by The Daily Wire on Monday, it seems fairly obvious that Williams would actually rank around 700 in the men's circuit if you look at the female star's Universal Tennis Rating and her previous interactions with ranked male players:  

    Looking at Williams' Universal Tennis Rating (UTR), which is the assigned numerical rating to all tennis players — both men and women — ranging on a 0 to 16.39 scale, the female athlete rates at 13.36, whereas dominant male tennis players like Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic rate at 16.26 and 16.27 respectively. The scale places Williams on-par with average men's college players (ranks about 97th out of the top 125 college men's singles) and nowhere near top-world-ranked men.

    Furthermore, in 1998, Williams actually played a set against a male tennis player ranked 203 in the world, Germany's Karsten Braasch. She got her butt handed to her in embarrassing fashion, taking a 6-1 loss as her opponent smoked cigarettes and sipped beer in between change-overs.

Not to mention that small detail called biology. Williams is at such a disadvantage against men because of her genetic make-up: as highlighted in Psychology Today, "Men are on average taller than women, have more muscle mass, stronger bones, tendons, and ligaments, have bigger hearts, a greater lung volume, and a higher red blood cell count."

The effort by the media to shame McEnroe for expressing an obvious truth is terrifying. McEnroe should be applauded for refusing to offer an apology after disrupting the safe spaces of biology-denying feminists.
It's so sad to see feminists and their manginas having their panties in a bunch about what is nature and reality...
As much as they try so hard to push a ridiculous notion that men and women are the same, they always forget to add nature into the equation.
This doesn't mean women are lower than men, it simply mean men and women have differences...this isn't a bad thing, as a matter of fact, when men and women deal and respect the idea that we do have differences, we achieve more in life. As we said before, give to women what belongs to women and give to men what belongs to them....
Our differences simply mean we have to meet and understand each other, taking the time to know a person, if we where all the same as the left, feminists and their manginas seems to promote, what a boring world it would be...
And anyway, looking at the mess the world is in at the moment, isn't it a good thing that strong masculine men are capable to protect women's rights to be what they want to be? If all men become weak manginas where would feminist's right to b*tch at everything and anything be today?
Would radical islam for instant allow them to enjoy the freedom to nag us the way they do?
Would democracy or freedom of speech they seem to attack every day even exist?
Who hold up the pillars of democracy?

Maybe, secretly they do want to be "controlled" since they promote wearing scarfs, which by the way is made to hide the femininity of women, so as not to get raped by men in the muslim world...

Accepting we have differences and trying to live with them advance the human specie, their way restricts us by not trying to find common ground...that's why the left is loosing ground to Trumpism, they are too...restrictive and lack understanding and acceptance of individual differences.
Their way of thinking will be gone in the near future, these hateful ol'dinosaurs of a time passed are even been rejected by the young generation of today....sure they will be around for a while but not with the power they use to have or enjoyed and abused. And that included their lowly mangina supporters.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Feminist Magazine Demands White Women Abort Their Babies to Solve Racism

"The white family unit must be destroyed"
A feminist magazine is calling on white women to solve historical racism and white supremacy by aborting all their babies.
In an article entitled, Beyond Pro-Choice: The Solution to White Supremacy is White Abortion, writer Nicole Valentine blames “white families” for standing in the way of a “progressive society” by “initiating their parasitism” to exert “full dominion over the enslaved and oppressed people of color.”
“Whites are embedded from birth with the sense of common white identity, and this identity conditions them to replicate the white family unit, thus furthering the cycle of white supremacy in America. That is why the white family unit must be destroyed,” writes Valentine.
“White women: it is time to do your part! Your white children reinforce the white supremacist society that benefits you. If you claim to be progressive, and yet willingly birth white children by your own choice, you are a hypocrite. White women should be encouraged to abort their white children, and to use their freed-up time and resources to assist women of color who have no other choice but to raise their children,” she adds.
Valentine goes on to demand that white women also adopt black children “who have lost their parents to the destructive white supremacist society that you have enabled and encouraged.”
The magazine, which describes itself as being “dedicated to promoting diversity and multicultural values,” is loaded with other stories that border on being satirical, including “Women can’t be rapists,” “Childhood toys are racist!” and “It’s time to talk about Whitesplaining”.
The website’s “about us” page also blames “radical right wingers” as being “responsible for several hate crimes and terrorist attacks.” The writers are mostly “current and past students”.
Valentine’s argument that white women need to have more abortions because “women of color do not often have the same privilege to choose termination as do white women” is complete nonsense given that black children are aborted at three times the rate of white children.
The article received hundreds of negative comments, with respondents pointing out the blatantly racist tone of the piece.
“Sometimes I think there must be a contest going on in which the author of the most radical, insane, warped, twisted and fever-brained article will win a prize. If so, this hateful screed should surely win at least an honorable mention,” wrote Steve Biddle.
“If this is not incitement to genocide, I don’t know what it is. If you change the term “white” to anything else, it looks exactly like that no matter how you flip it,” remarked Victor Crainic.
Can feminism drop any lower than this?
Racism comes in many form and this is definitely one of them...
Instead of trying to work together to make a better world for the next generation, they keep on trying to stay relevant by promoting anti white hate, add that to their anti-male rhetoric and if anyone listens to them the specie if f*cked...
If there is one thing we can learn from history, it's that group such as this never stop at one, if they succeed, they will eventually target another...that is the reality of established racism...feminists are no different.
Idiocy of a lower intellectual life form (feminism and their manginas) is so obvious, we just have to look or in this case read about it, it's there for all to see.

If we are to evolve as a species, groups such as these who thrive on division and hate, must be eradicated, otherwise, we will always be at each other's throats and be servants to the elite, as they keep us divided in order to keep their power and wealth, keeping it in the hands of a very few.
Maybe that is what we deserve by not demanding they go away, or exposing them for what they really are, which a rational population would do if they understood what their goals really are. Division, Power and Greed.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Freedom is Fading in Canada? A good read.

It wasn't too long ago that the mainstream media in Canada bashed PM Stephen Harper for attacking our freedom. This message was adopted by millions of young Canadians, who could repeat claims such as "Harper is silencing journalists" in any debate on the matter. Headline after headline questioned how our most sacred value could be given up, especially regarding freedom of the press. He's gone, so where are we now? The World Press Freedom Index, which ranked Canada 8th in the world in 2015, now ranks us in 22nd, and we didn't fall because other countries are doing better. The media outlets that had gotten the youth riled up when Harper had us at 8th place ... are now relatively silent. 

In fact the tone from mainstream outlets about freedom, which was apparently the most desirable trait to have in a society has flipped. According to the many media sources, it's now less important to allow in a society and simply "used as a tool to allow hate speech". 
Global News recently put out an article for Canadian citizens on how to "report hate speech". Nothing was written to distinguish it from undesirable speech, unsurprisingly. Suggested actions to report dialogue to police and others to get it censored were described in detail with tricks such as appealing to a large community to ensure a mob works together to silence it. 

Canadians, when polled almost always state that freedom is their strongest and most important value, but
the multi-faceted right is being chipped at from all angles simultaneously at a worrying pace. M103 was a motion which sparked the conversation about being able to criticize or dislike Political Islam. Although only 14% of Canadians supported the motion - Liberals pushed it through. There are other articles that will more thoroughly explain the debate, but I'll give the highlights. The motion contained wording that asked for a "whole of government approach to eliminate islamophobia". The issue is that "islamophobia" according to the definition especially relates to a dislike of political islam, not discrimination against muslims which is already illegal. Liberals responded to criticism with "the motion is about protecting muslim people from discrimination not Islam the ideology from criticism". Conservatives than said "well we are both on the same page about discrimination being wrong, so can we change the wording to more accurately describe your explanation?" to which the Liberals refused for an unknown reason. 

In the case of M103, not only was freedom of speech put under challenge and limitations, but the primary argument from the anti-M103 side was completely ignored. It get's worse though. While M103 was a motion, meaning they were funding a commission which would investigate legally binding laws to enforce their findings, actual laws are already bring passed such as C16. C16 is described by many in the media elite as "protection from discrimination against transgendered people". Mainstream news outlets have described opponents to the bill as bigots who hate transgendered people and want to be able to discriminate against them. The wording of the motion states that “This enactment amends the Canadian Human Rights Act to add gender identity and gender expression to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination”. If that was it, and context was not important, there wouldn't be any significant portion of the population against the bill. Context, is everything. In the legal world however, context and related laws are extremely important. 

When C16 was introduced the government website had a link to the Ontario Human Rights Commission, stating that the bill would be interpreted by policy precedence from them. The government has not revoked the claim, although in attempt to mitigate the scandal, the link was taken down. Why was this alarming? The OHRC states "refusing to refer to a person by their preferred pronoun constitutes as a form of harassment". There are unlimited preferred pronouns one may demand to be called. Traditionally titles were voluntarily used such as calling a doctor Dr. X, Canadian law has shifted to legally enforce the use of any pronoun for any reason. Some pronouns which have been demanded to be used by university students are: "jam, xe, ve, zij, and þau (not a b, that's an icelandic symbol þ "

Many argue that a government that increases spending, is one that removes freedom from the citizens. The more the government increases taxes and allows a few elites within itself to decide how to spend the citizens money, that is a control mechanism. Canada has moved towards being a country where a few elites in the government decide what to do with "Canadian money" rather than allowing the citizens to spend their money as they see fit. Criticism has arisen around the new carbon tax which has said unfairly targets low-income Canadians who have to spend a higher % of their income on heating their home, driving to work and buying food at the grocery store. As new taxes remove families ability to chose their own homes and food, the government gains tremendous control over them by supplying their own controlled social housing and food programs. 

Regardless of where you stand on the United States current political situation, it's important to understand why they value their constitution in a global climate that suffered from rulers abusing their powers - and still are. The founding fathers in the United States understood that tyrannical governments would always assume power by controlling speech first, then physical control after. In countless military coup's around the world, radio stations are almost always seized by the new government. After the ability to control communication, the ability to defend oneself is almost always restricted immediately after. The 2nd amendment is second, because it ensured that even if a tyrannical government in the United States controlled speech, they would not be able to take away Americans ability to defend themselves. Nazi Germany did not simply go door-to-door to take Jewish people away to concentration camps. Laws were passed to control the press, while strict gun control measures were imposed. For the record I am not saying that anybody in modern day is comparable with the Nazi Party in Germany, I am simply using the most understood historical guideline of how to control a population, even if the intentions are vastly different. 

Taking away freedom from a population is useless without indoctrination, people debatably crave freedom and as countless revolutions in human history have shown they will join with their families and communities to regain independence. While attacks on families have been historically implemented by the Liberal Party of Canada to take aboriginal youth from their families in order to control the population, no outrageous laws to control the family unit have been suggested ... until now. Ontario has passed Bill 89, which allows the government to access how committed to LGBT parents are, and if the test is failed, kids will be taken into government control. While the government has stated that "gender identity is fluid and contextual" if parents attempt to shape their child's identity against the governments will - the government will enforce their own context ... a foster home. 

If those in power in Canada are actively looking to continue increasing their control over the citizens, it is only reasonable to assume that stricter measures will be employed to take away Canadians ability to protect themselves. Propaganda has started being disseminated among the public in such a way that would imply legislation is on the horizon. A widely distributed study with the headline "One youth shot every day in Ontario" was spread through CBC, The Globe and Mail, The Huffington Post and others. There are lot's of breakdowns that debunk the propaganda in the article online, but those have significantly smaller reach and don't have access to tax dollars. Here are some of the highlights of instances that intentionally mislead Canadians to stir up emotional responses and a climate for increased government control. 

1. Youth's in the study includes adults aged 24. This is in contrast with Ontario's youth justice system which stops at age 17
2. The definition of "firearms" included paintball guns, airsoft toys, slingshots and BB guns were also included. 
3. "Are shot" is used in the headline but the study is actually about injuries. Needing to get an icepack for a paintball bruise counts. Police shootings are also lumped in. 

With this clearly visible trend of the government amassing power over the citizens, anyone can see that the ability to defend oneself is next on the chopping block, regardless of your political leanings. While new laws to restrict things such as firearms have not yet been released as of June 7th (in the afternoon), since I started researching and writing this article the Liberals have stated they will be looking to bring back a registry for long-gun owners. I'm sure I'll have a lot to say, in the next coming weeks about that, you can follow along on the Narrative Facebook Page if you're interested. 

Although I already chose the title Freedom is Fading in Canada, and I think the alliteration is too good to pass up on, perhaps I was understating the rate or erosion given this new development.
Well written and interesting...
What is disturbing is how many people are silent...

Monday, June 26, 2017

JUDGE JEANINE NAILS THE UNHINGED LEFT: “The left’s hate is a danger to us all’

See video here...
Judge Jeanine nailed it tonight describing the unhinged left. She is so right to say the left is a danger to us all. She is especially worried for our President and other leaders in DC. She’s so right!

PIRRO SAID: “We are now in a danger zone of complete hatred and chaos unlike anything we’ve witnessed in American history. The normalization of calling for the assassination, decapitation or the beating of any president is simply shocking. And it is the extension of this hatred that trickles down and motivates people like the shooter of Congressman Scalise. That shooter wasn’t crazy. That’s too easy. He hated Republicans and thought they should die.”

“I worry, though, and you should all worry for our president and all elected officials… The trickling down of hate is a danger to us all”
What’s not helping is that the former President and Hillary Clinton are fueling this rhetoric. The bitter Democrats waisted no time in continuing the violent rhetoric almost immediately after Steve Scalise was shot! The ironic thing is that this only damages the Democrats!

The Chair of the DNC Tom Perez has been going out giving obscenity laden speeches. He’s the leader of the party and he sets the tone. How in the world is this negative rhetoric helping anyone? The big loser in all of this is the American people. DC is in gridlock on getting things done when the Democrats don’t even try to be civil.
People get shot and democrats, the left, praise it, you get actors and singers who believe their words carry political weight, leftovers of a past time, (who the f*ck is patti lupone by the way) and the most disturbing, disgusting (pro isis) picture. Or that Shakespeare in the park show of an assassination.
Let's get real for a minute, all this is politics a la Soviet and Nazi era...

There is no doubt in anyone's mind kathy griffin tried to resurrect her failing career, if she ever had one, with that sick photo chute, but it backfired on her in a big way...and so it should....(never thought she was funny)

Then you have politicians like maxine watters who no longer have a message for the people and tries to stay relevant with the ridiculous.   Impeach 45 chant...Impeach for what watters? Winning the election according to the constitution? Stop making a fool of yourself.

Thing is, these people are so out of touch they don't realize they represent only themselves and have no idea they are making fools of themselves. The majority of people believe in democracy, those who do follow them are the lowest of the population, filled with hate because they didn't get their way in the last election.
If anyone was trying to cause a violent uprising, these idiots are in the forefront, they are a very small minority and the msm is giving these "nuts" a stage to spew out their undemocratic message...
If they think their message will get them power, they are sorely mistaken.

There last hero, obama made a mess of things, doubled the debt with nothing to show for it, promised to end the wars, yet continued them and made things worse. (Libya, Syria)
His only political message was, "if you don't vote for me your a racist". Which turned race relations decades back. Let alone his administration's abuse of power which is starting to come out.

Instead of concentrating on the democratic election of 2018 and 2020, the radical left is more interested in causing violence and dissent. Where is the pelosie, the shumers, the clintons, the obama in all this?
They would have a better message if only they would stand up and say; ENOUGH, this is not what the democrat party stands for. 
Don't they believe in democracy anymore instead of pandering to such a small minority, they have no chance of attaining power with such a tiny voting block.

It's not a matter of right or left, no one in their right mind would vote for a group who promotes violence, racism and hatred instead of a political message benefiting the population. 
By alienating those who voted for Trump, those who follow politics for the right reason and independents, they are pushing away the majority of people.
All this shows one thing...POWER AT ALL COST" at the expense of the people...
This is not democracy, this is the path to violence.

Those in the democrat party who have a rational mind and understand what's going on, should stand up, rebuild the party by getting rid of the idiots in their ranks, only then, would they be taken seriously again...

Friday, June 23, 2017


 She thinks white men are a bigger terror threat than Islamic jihadists. You have to try hard to be this stupid.

There is no sense in debating or analyzing the left anymore, their stupidity and hate speaks for itself.
I'm still waiting for someone in that group to stand out and tell these idiots...ENOUGH!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Racism and BLM? Prof. Claims 'Public Lynching' After Being Suspended for Comments

NJ Prof. Claims 'Public Lynching' After Being Suspended for Comments on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight'

A New Jersey professor claimed her Newark school "publicly lynched" her after she was indefinitely suspended for remarks she made recently on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."
Lisa Durden taught communications and pop culture classes at Essex County College in the Brick City.
Earlier this month, she went on Carlson's program to defend a "blacks-only" Memorial Day celebration.
"Boo hoo hoo - you white people are angry because you couldn’t use your white privilege card to get invited to the Black Lives Matter's all black, Memorial Day celebration," Durden told Carlson.
Carlson had said that Black Lives Matter claims to fight segregationist rhetoric, but that their Memorial Day plans contradict that.
Two days later, Durden arrived on campus to news that she had been "indefinitely suspended" by the school.
Durden later told the Newark Star-Ledger that the administration "humiliated" her.
"Essex County College publicly lynched me in front of my students," she said.
Watch the clip above and check out the debate with Durden below.

First; Using the words "public lynching" by this woman is a well co-ordinated defense of her racist rant in order to make anyone who disagree with her, specially if they are white, cower because of what happened in the past. With the politically correct mindset in the west, I have to admit, and say...well done.
The usual defense of any racist rant is usually to turn the table and attack those who point out the obvious and accuse them of racism.

Second; Imagine for one minute what would happen if we would replace what she says from black to white.
All h*ll would break loose, lefties head would blow off, they would need safe spaces for weeks if not months, puppies to pet and play-dough to kneed.

Like we said in the previous post, blm has turned into what could have been a worth while political argument, to a racist organization by letting in people like her and there are many.

And when a liberal progressive professor disagree because of it's racist overtones, well he's pushed to resign and event threatened.

What blm is doing is opening up a whole can of worms here, if they are allowed to continue to fight racism with racism of their own, against white, then who is next, asians, native americans, latinos....racism as we have seen in the past is never concentrated against only one group, it eventually swallows up all.
One thing about the path they have taken they don't seem to realize, the type of argument they are stuck on brings on more racism. It will bring about resentment, and that can lead to hatred, then we are back fighting the same battles all over again.

What happened in the past is history, it cannot be changed, but we can learn from it, to constantly shove it in peoples faces as if it till exists in the extreme it used to be, makes one loose support.  Sure, racism is still here and will be here for a long time yet, but not in the intensity it was in the past, in order to eliminate it, one needs all races to work together to suppress it. No one race, whether black, white, red or yellow, can do it on their own and if they try, as blm seems to be doing, they alienate all others. BLM seems to want to bring back segregation and division of people according to their races. 

Maybe this professor up there should go back and read the past before she start to speak next time...
Here is where to start...

Pushing people in the back because of their race was wrong then, and this little lady knew that back in 1955 and decided to make a stand. BLM should also make a stand and explain that racism of any-kind, against anyone, could destroy the advancement we all made and still trying to make.

The N.C. Chronicles is an opinion web site, we offer a start to the issue discussed here...
We always recommend you do your own research to enlighten yourself and to be fully informed.
A well informed population is the path to true freedom and democracy.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer solstice..."EcoSexuals" Vs. Beautiful Midsummer Traditions

Since today is the Summer solstice..lol
Gotta admit some people are just....idiots.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Argentina: 128-Year-Old Man Claims He's Hitler, Authorities Find Nazi Trove

An allegedly 128-year-old man in Salta, Argentina has announced he is in fact former Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, and has spent the last 70 years in hiding. While his claims stretch the bounds of believability to breaking point, they coincide with the discovery of a trove of Nazi memorabilia in the country.

Speaking in an interview with local media, the naturalized German immigrant explains he arrived in 1945 with a passport — allegedly a forgery produced by the Gestapo at the conclusion of World War II — identifying him as Herman Guntherberg.

 He said he decided to emerge from his extended period in hiding as Mossad — the Israeli secret service — officially abandoned their policy of pursuing Nazi war criminals in 2016. Much of Mossad's early work involved the capture of former Nazis hiding in Latin America, with the kidnap of Zyklon-B procurer Adolf Eichmann in 1960 a particularly famous example. He intends to publish an autobiography in September and "restore" his public image.
"I've been blamed for a lot of crimes I've never committed. Because of that, I've had to spend more than half of my life hiding from Jews, so I've had my punishment already. I've been depicted as a bad guy only because we lost the war. When people read my side of the story, it will change the way the perceive me," Guntherberg/Hitler said.

While mainstream historians universally concur Hitler committed suicide April 30, 1945 in the Fuhrerbunker, Berlin as the Red Army ran roughshod over the German capital, some alternative chroniclers have suggested the Fuhrer may have escaped to Latin America, as so many other Nazis did at the conclusion of the war.
In July 2016, Abel Basti published a revised edition of "Hitler in Exile" — he suggested the fallen Fuhrer fled to Argentina, where he then lived for ten years, before moving to Paraguay, under the protection of dictator Alfredo Stroessner, who had German roots. Basti says Hitler died February 3, 1971 in Paraguay.
Predictably, few believe the old man's story — including his wife of 55 years, Angela Martinez. She suggests his shocking claims are the product of dementia, and her husband never mentioned Hitler or the Nazis until 2015, when he began exhibiting symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. At most, she thinks her husband may have been a Nazi who feels guilty about his past.
"Sometimes, he would forget who I was and where he was. He looked like he was in trance, and he would start talking about Jews and demons. Then he'd come back to normal," she said.
 Read the rest here..

There is always that possibility he escaped Berlin in 1945.We now know for sure, no body was ever found.
The Russian claims that they had part of his skull and blood from the cough in the fuhrer bunker, was not true. Not that we can blame them for claiming the had parts of him after loosing over 25 millions of their citizen..
Test where done on both and I believe the skull was that of a young girl about 28 years of age and the blood did not match the records.
Plus many dead doubles where found in Berlin at the time. To throw off his pursuers?

As for this guy been him, not likely, the last videos of Hitler in 1945 shows the fuhrer in terrible medical condition,due to pills he was taking and signs of Parkinson, with an uncontrollable shaking left arm.

As the post says, this guy is probably one of the remnants of that era, looking for his last 15 min. of fame, but who really knows.

Hitler was a demi-god to the Germans of that time, specially to the nazis, I have no doubt they must of had a plan to ship him somewhere, if not for this reason, then to keep him from falling into the hands of the Russians. Maybe even to claim a sort of victory. Remember, no one in the nazi government ever sign the unconditional surrender in 1945, the army did.

Whatever comes out, about this story, conspiracy theorists will have a field day, nazis will claim a small victory, most will find  a way to ridicule it, as for the rest of us, well it was a long time ago, history shows same if not worse happened before and after, (Spanish inquisition, Native American people, stalin, mao,  could go on and on), the thing is, it's part of history and it's gone, never to come back.
We just have to be careful, such situations never happens again and hope humanity has or is evolving to a point where this is no longer acceptable.
But considering what's going on in the world today, with the hate in the forefront, we can only hope.

We have a few organizations we can point to that could be a problem...
1- blm aka black lives matter....a racist group who have been known to say...
"White people in the back" and "a day without white people" at a university...even going after a professor who himself is a declared liberal progressive because he dared to say it was racist.

2- antifa, aka antifascist... an anti free speech group who is also anti democratic and anti free expression. They even prevent people of different opinions to speak at universities, the bastion  of free speech.

Both of these claim to be SOCIALISTS and anti fascists???

What is a fascist? well it is for national "SOCIALISM"...A group who was known for it's racism, anti free speech, anti democratic, anti free expression.

Are we, the rest of us smart enough to recognize the similarities here and say....
Only time will tell....

Monday, June 19, 2017

Child porn crisis has reached ‘epidemic proportions’ in North America

March 17, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — The illegal trade in children being raped and violently abused is at “a level of epidemic proportions” according to an internal Canadian government memo obtained last summer by The Canadian Press.
It was the fourth major statement by North American senior government staff warning of a crisis that too few in the media seem prepared to recognize much less report on.
— In 2015, FBI Assistant Director Joseph Campbell announced, in an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), there is an epidemic of child sex trafficking and pedophilia sweeping America.
— At a June press conference, Special Agent John Reynolds with U.S. Department of Homeland Security said “the incidence of child sexual exploitation has reached staggering proportions.”
— Last May, then director of the Pentagon’s Defense Security Service, Daniel Payne told reporters the “amount of child porn” on government computers is just “unbelievable.”
As a leading child pornography researcher, I asked for clarification from Payne’s office and was told, “Director Payne was speaking from his 34 years of experience in the field of counterintelligence and security, and involvement in the Inspector General community. His remarks were not Agency specific; rather, he was speaking in terms of the government as a whole.”
In 2015, the U.S. State Department’s Director of Counter-terrorism, Daniel Rosen, was arrested for computer solicit of a child under 15 years old for sex/sodomy. Journalists reported this was the3rd U.S. Official Hit With Child Sex and Porn Charges” when, in fact, far more than three U.S. government employees had been arrested on child sex abuse-related charges.
The United States may be producing and distributing an estimated half of the world’s child rape and torture videos and images. According to Europol, the Europe-wide police investigative agency, half of all servers distributing child sex abuse are located in the U.S.
In the first quarter of 2014 alone, there were some 2,048 sites in the U.S. trading in child rape and torture. In 2015, Europol reported that U.S. child sex abuse sites increased from 516 to 2,617 — far greater than any other country.
None of this was covered by U.S. media outlets.
In 2014, the Australian Communications and Media Authority reported a 500 percent increase, in one reporting year, of child sex abuse images/videos, of which 64 percent were hosted on USA-based internet servers. Australian authorities estimated 80,000 children had been trafficked for rape and torture to produce these images/videos and said the majority were girls under 13 years old.
Again, this was all but ignored by North American media outlets.
Why does it seem so difficult for journalists report on the full scale of child rape and torture occurring to thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of children in North America?
The Boston Globe won recognition with the award-winning film Spotlight, depicting how Globe reporters investigated the systematic child rape and its cover-up by Catholic Church. Yet while journalists heaped praise on the Globe, the media has simultaneously ignored bomb-shell statements from top government officials about “epidemic” and “unbelievable” child rape and torture, often called child pornography, that is washing over North America.
The current crisis in the brutal abuse and rape of children, often of very young children including infants and toddlers, is destroying an entire generation of children. It has all but been ignored by the media. Journalists and editors must start connecting the dots and reporting on the wider context of child sex abuse in North America, rather than one-off reports of individual arrests.
All of our futures depends on better journalism focused on this staggering epidemic destroying so many of our children.
Dr. Lori Handrahan is a leading expert on child pornography in America. She has created a start-up building the first database of child pornography arrests at www.data4justice. She can be reached on her website: www.LoriHandrahan.com
As adults, our primary reason for being is to care for the young, if we fail to to live out what is the number one rule of existence and only care for ourselves or claim it is not our problem or look the other way because we are to busy accumulating possessions, the evils of this world, and they seem to be growing, will continue to thrive and even grow...
There are even some who are finding excuses and promoting as "normal" the sick behavior of pedophilia....
Claiming it as inter-generational love, as we have pointed out many times on this site and others.
Life has to have balance, rights are not to be given to everything and everyone, there are limits, some pedos have even said they want to same rights as the gay community...
Comparing themselves to what adults do in the privacy of their own homes and who they love has nothing to do with pedophilia, and the gay community should be up in arms against this comparison. Yet we barely hear anything from them.
If we are to survive as a species, we must protect the innocence of children, if we don't and continues on this path of an un-balanced society, we will be replace and die off...
Humanity contrary to it's belief that they are irreplaceable and the masters of this world should look at how many extinctions there has been on this planet for the millions of years life has existed. 
If what science claims, that we have evolved form monkeys, then it is to accept that another specie might just evolve after we are gone by our own actions. Making humans..."replaceable".
If we believe that we were made by the Creator, well. by now, the creation is not living up to expectation and again must be replaced.

The choices are ours to make, do we evolve into a just society, with limits on what is acceptable or do we just sit back and see what happens and let what we know is wrong flourish until our inevitable extinction comes to pass...
Remember the ol'saying? "it's not nice to f*ck with Mother Nature?
Maybe it has more of a reality than we would like to believe...
Our potential as human beings is great, that is indisputable, the problem is, some don't seem to be able to differentiate between what is the right thing to do, or the wrong thing.
I have been troubled by whats going on in the world lately, the hate, the misery, the poverty, wars with no end in site, even wondering if this site should continue...
There are even some who thrive on promoting hate between men and women, hate has become so entrenched around us, it has become...an acceptable political policy. One thing is for sure, as we see in the lack of children been born, specially in the west, the species is heading in the wrong direction...
Hate is everywhere and when that happens extinction is not far behind. Let's face it, we are so smart we have invented weapons that can wipe off life on Earth, hows that for claiming to be masters or the world.
No wonder we see disturbing reports like the one above, we don't fight for the betterment of humanity anymore, we just sit back and let a few dictate who we should be, what we should accept and a little at a time, take our freedom of expression away to a place where everyone is afraid to speak up...
So, who's fault is it, the few who are making a mess of things, or the majority who do not speak up?

Friday, June 9, 2017

Teen pregnancy rate falls 42.6 percent after UK cuts sex-ed, birth-control funding

SHEFFIELD, England, June 5, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — A new study indicates that teen pregnancy rates drop when liberal sex-ed funding is cut, the UK’s Catholic Herald reported.

The Effect of Spending Cuts on Teen Pregnancy" analyzed data in England before and after contraceptive-based sex-ed expenditures were slashed -- cuts that were criticized by liberals and praised by Christians 

Researchers David Paton of Nottingham University Business School and Liam Wright of the School of Health and Related Research at the University of Sheffield led the study, published in The Journal of Health Economics. 

England has been forced to make severe cuts in recent years to its budget, including tax funds for sex-ed in schools and free birth control.

The study sought to "examine the impact of reductions in local expenditure on one particular public health target: reducing rates of teen pregnancy."

The Paton and Wright research team used statistics from 149 municipalities between 2009 and 2014 and found that after sex-ed budgets were cut, teen pregnancy rates fell by 42.6 percent.

The researchers discovered that taking away tax funding for contraceptive-focused sex education in schools actually reduced teen pregnancy.

"Contrary to predictions made at the time of the cuts, panel data estimates provide no evidence that areas which reduced expenditure the most have experienced relative increases in teenage pregnancy rates. Rather, expenditure cuts are associated with small reductions in teen pregnancy rates," they noted.

With the government cuts in sex-ed funding, teen pregnancies in England have fallen to their lowest level since 1969, according to the new study. In fact, the statistics show teen pregnancy rates diminished the most in those areas where secular sex-ed budgets were most aggressively cut.

Paton and Wright suggest their data should be followed up with research into why cutting sex-ed leads to lowering teen pregnancy rates. They speculate, "Underlying socio-economic factors such as education outcomes and alcohol consumption are found to be significant predictors of teen pregnancy."

Liberals have claimed for decades that unwanted pregnancies would be reduced if the government funded more "safe-sex" instruction in public schools and paid for contraception distributed to teenage girls. But by 1999, after three decades of sex-ed, England attained one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in Europe.

Paton and Wright's research shows those government programs actually increase teen pregnancies, and in turn increase abortions for teen single mothers.

“Spending on projects relating to teenage pregnancy may even be counterproductive,” the study concluded. "Birth control will reduce the risk of pregnancy for sex acts which would have occurred anyway but may increase the risk among teenagers who are induced by easier access to birth control either to start having sex or to have sex more frequently."

Another study conducted in 2009 by the Teenage Pregnancy Unit came to similar conclusions. In 2016, the Cochrane review published findings that government "safe-sex" education had "no apparent effect" in reducing teen pregnancies.

Britain's Office for National Statistics reports that teenage girls' birth rates have fallen by 8.7 percent in the past year alone.

Scott Phelps of the Abstinence and Marriage Education Partnership told LifeSiteNews that to pro-life and pro-family advocates the study's conclusions come as no surprise. 

"Sex-education programs serve to normalize teen sexual activity for unmarried teens and young adults," the pro-marriage champion said. "At the same time, these programs fail to even present the option of abstinence until marriage as an option. As a result, these programs actually increase teens risk of nonmarital pregnancy as seen recently here in the U.S."

Phelps told LifeSiteNews that he has seen it before. "Specifically, Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest received a $4 million grant from the Obama administration for sex education," he continued. "According to a report released by the Obama administration itself, females in the program reported becoming pregnant at a higher rate than females receiving the alternative program."

"So after $4 million of taxpayer funding, teen pregnancy increased among teens who received the government's contraception-based sex education program," Phelps concluded.

Some conservatives suggest that liberal government sex-ed in schools even increases human trafficking, sexual exploitation of minors, and abuse.

Family Education Trust Director Norman Wells warned, “The evidence from recent serious case reviews clearly demonstrates that fundamental flaws in professional attitudes towards underage sexual activity have directly contributed to exploitation and abuse.”

Nevertheless, England made contraceptive-based sex-ed compulsory throughout the nation's public high schools in its "Children and Social Work Act" of 2017.

Phelps' Abstinence and Marriage Education Partnership exists "to ensure that every U.S. teenager has the opportunity to hear a clearly reasoned, positive presentation on the benefits of abstinence until marriage." The group also provides instruction on preparing for a healthy future marriage.
Any "honest" political ideal whether liberal or conservative would admit when one of their policies caused more trouble than good, but in today's political atmosphere, it's more important to win the argument than doing what is right...
Teaching kids as young as kindergarten about gender identity and sex provides them with a way to experiment with what they are told, and increases not decreases std's and pregnancies.
Anyone with a brain, knows damn well the stability of a nation depends on the idea that the family is the primary answer to a stable society, not the state. Since the state has stuck it's nose into family right and watered them down, we have seen our societies slowly going into anarchy.
Hard work, abstinence, goals are been replaced with generational welfare, open sex with anyone and a generation which wants everything right now instead of achieving and working towards a certain objective with time and patience.
Now they are even going after christian families if they dare to teach their own kids traditional values.

When the state "imposes" it's will on it's population, the results are never what they intended, and has a reverse affect. Whether you call it liberalism, socialism or whatever, you know it's an attack on how one raises their kids. 
As for the political conservatives, well when they support this, they are nothing but liberals in disguise wanting power instead of standing up for what they know to be the right thing.
Been independent politically gives one more voting power than committing to a certain political party because they don't know where your vote will go and have to work for it, instead of taking it for granted.

There is a change in the winds brought about by the election of D.J.Trump, people are realizing they can change things, it might be just a beginning but the intrusion of the state into our families is going to stop and the established elitist politicians better change the way they see us, (as a path to power instead of policies) otherwise people will look elsewhere for representation of their true values.

The post above shows families, parents, grandparents know better than those who impose their personal views on us at the expense of the majority, protecting is fine, but without balance, nature goes wild and societies disappear...
Is the elitist smart enough to realize this? History shows....NO.