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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

This is what is considered a feminist hero? You gotta see or read this...lol.

Feminist Hero Bakes Sourdough Bread Using Her Own Vaginal Yeast

In preparation for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, you’re probably seeing a lot of self-help articles about managing stress, dealing with unpleasant family members, and most importantly, making it through the day in one piece.
And while there’s no doubt that all of this advice is well-intentioned, sometimes, when the shit is hitting the fan and your uncle is being a sexist piece of garbage, you have to do something to regain control and remind yourself that you’re a badass bitch who no one can fuck with. And there’s no better way to do that than serving an asshole a slice of truly homemade bread...leavened with the yeast of your own vagina.
Read the rest here... If you can stomach it.
Your uncle is sexist, well fine, don't have to listen to him, or if you have the "brains" (which feminism is lacking of) you can always debate even oppose his views with logic...
This way someone in the background will listen even, maybe agree with you...
Do this sh*t and you tag yourself and feminism as a disgusting and revolting ideal that's gone out of control, specially among women.

As for men, well the debate is over and feminism has been identified as the clowns of society to be laughed at and to stay away from.
As the ol'saying goes, the proof is in the pudding or in this case...sourdough bread..
Please, keep it up, as long as you (feminists) do this, and this is your "heroes", we no longer will need the mrm.

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