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Friday, May 19, 2017

The western world in 10 pictures...Where are we headed???

And finally...A healthy society depends on it's realization that nature has it's reason for doing things the way it did...
Sure, all have a place to live their lives the way they want, but life as it is meant to be, must be respected/ and be promoted as the primary law of realism in order to survive.
Men will work hard, fight and die to give those around him the best this world can offer, take that away and a society cannot survive.
Women must be respected and given what belongs to them... womanhood...and all it's benefits that makes this world a better place.
Men must be respected and given what belongs to them...manhood...and all it's benefits that makes this world a better place.
Together, they make a world that can evolve into a place where the next generation can be proud of and imitate what they where thought.
Feminism, manginas, politicians even some religions seem to thrive on division, which benefits no one, and even promotes resentment and hatred.
The west is at a crossroad, trying to find itself by imposing on it's population, instead of discussing differences.
They seem to have forgotten we depend on the natural ways life has given us to evolve. Look around you, it is the values of males and females recognition of each others place in the circle of life which makes us great.
Living by those rules, recognizing that primary law of nature will give all others a place to live peacefully...
Imposing and forcing nature to accept what is contrary only serves to confuse and divide.
If men and women do not identify each other's importance to each other, how can the specie survive?
When men and women get together, the children are at play, the seniors are taken care of and the minorities are at peace.
When men and women are made to fight with each other over the smalest of things, you have...
The western world.
This world does "not" belong to the chosen few, the elitist, the establishment, the corrupt politician, any one religion, the weak minded and divisive feminist and her mangina...
It belongs and depends on the goodwill of men and women..,in other words nature....
We are the ones, united, who makes this world work and live in peace....
Once we realize this, and act on it...
Who can ever stop us?

The N.C. Chronicle is an opinion web site, we offer a different way of looking at things, we do not promote division or violence against anyone.
We believe we can achieve what is best in us by simply following the laws set by nature itself.
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