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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Paul Joseph Watson on the Manchester terror attack – was political correctness to blame?

In his latest video, Paul Joseph Watson destroys the left-wing narratives surrounding the Manchester terror attack in which 22 people were killed such as shifting the concern to “Islamophobia”.

Despite the fact that children have been brutally murdered, the left simply tries to normalize it. The Independent even wrote that the best thing to do is “carry on exactly as before”. How can people simply carry on, when their children have been blown up?

“Your thoughts and prayers count for nothing,” Watson says, noting how CNN's Jack Tapper posted a Union Jack, yet never posted a Russian flag during the St Petersburg subway attack.

It even turns out that a suspicious individual was seen, but when it was reported, the person reporting was actually lectured! Was political correctness to blame?
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 What do you think?

Here is a thought...
Doesn't matter anymore who started this damn war....time to role up out sleeves and put an end to all this...
These "children" who where attacked and killed do not know anything about the politics behind it.
When you have an ideology and you resort to war, you avoid the killing of innocent kids, if one does attack children, then your ideology has failed from the beginning and your cause was...evil to begin with.
If it does come down to our way of life or theirs, we choose ours. Not because we are right, but because it has come down to protecting our young and make them pay for thier barbarism.

As for those who make stupid statement to stay in the spotlight like this fool.
Katy Perry on Manchester Bombing: "No Barriers, No Borders, We All Just Need to Co-Exist"
Seriously? It's the no barrier, no borders that caused this in the first place.

This one...
JK Rowling Attacks Journalists for Reporting on Manchester Bombing
Why is JK Rowling more interested in shutting down reporting about terrorism than shutting down terrorism itself?

Or this one...
This isn't against a specific group, it's about terrorism and those who are too stupid to realize they are part of the problem. Elitist liberals who want even more of this to happen by promoting open borders in a time of war...Nobody wants war,, but it's there, then we have to accept that certain precaution have to be made.
There is a line in the sand that even liberals can't defend and that is attacking our kids.

If moderate muslims want to fit in, it's their responsibility to make sure those around them who think about doing this crap, be reported. Yet as we see in the Watson video, many support, or refuse to do anything, and the rest stay silent.

Here some other fool said; "if you kill your enemies, they win", tell that to the parent of the Manchester kids...

Like we said; doesn't matter who started it anymore, plenty of blame to go around, we can figure that out later, right now, we must protect those who are under our protection, our kids. As for those who try to explain all this with political correctness, that's just another word for surrender and cowardice.
They will continue to push that crap till something happens to their kids...
Oh ya! Nothing will happen to them while they tweet their idiocy since their families and themselves are out of touch with reality and protected by armed guards behind a high fence.

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