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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ok well, this is getting a bit stupid...MSM, witchcraft and dark forces.

 Mainstream media praises global witchcraft effort to curse Trump: ‘Maybe the spell is working’
An author writing in the Los Angeles Times has joined a worldwide movement to curse President Trump with "binding spells" and is encouraging others to join her.
Trump complaining he has been the subject of a "witch hunt" could be an indication that "maybe the spell is working," Diana Wagman wrote in an op-ed piece.
"I don’t believe in the devil, but I do believe our country has gone to hell, and I am willing to try anything to save us," wrote Wagman. The "spell" she cast is part of an effort of witches in different countries to fight the Trump presidency.
Pointing to concern from Christians about the rise in anti-Trump witchcraft, Wagman noted, "If the Catholics were worried about this spell, there had to be something to it."
Signing a petition or giving $20 to abortion company Planned Parenthood are "the same thing, if you have faith" as "cast[ing] a spell so that the self-centered plans of a dangerous narcissist will fail," Wagman argued.
The "Bind Trump" movement encourages people to cast "spells" by arranging a tarot card, photo of Trump, candles, string, and other items in a circle and then asking for the assistance of "demons of the infernal realms" and other spirits.
"As the sacraments have visible signs – for example, bread and wine in the Eucharist – evil spells also have theirs – such as clothing, photos, personal items, and foods – that are cursed by the wizard with formulas and rituals that are intended to produce negative spiritual effects on the persons affected," the famed late Vatican exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth wrote in An Exorcist Explains the Demonic.
"Prayer can counter evil spells," Amorth continued, "and if done with faith and love, it reaches its objective, which is the heart of God."
To be honest I'm not surprised....
The path some in the west have taken points to going the wrong way. Doesn't matter what one believes in or not, but from the rise of satanic churches, pedophilia, open sex as a fun pass-time thought to children as young as kindergarten,  the demonization of Christianity, the rise of anti-women sharia law, racism, cutting up babies called the un-feathered right of abortion, the selling of baby body parts, anti-male radical feminism, sh*t we could go on and on...but now witchcraft curses?
Even if one does not believe in the devil, we have to take a minute to realize maybe evil does exist, if we don't want to call it evil then unnatural laws..
There is a reason nature exists, night and day, good and bad, ying yang, you have to choose a side, or maybe have a balance between the two, when you give access to one over the other, and call it normal, you loose the will to fight the bad in order to give the good a chance to flourish...

This by all definition is getting out of hand, none of us care what one does in ones home, in their private life, the right to exist in peace gives all sides a right to be who they wish to be, but to advance parts of the dark side of nature and suppress what is define as normal or natural is f*cking around with what could bite us back with vengeance in the long term.

How can we fight for whats good in life if we no longer know the difference?
We know given a chance, evil or un-natural laws can take root if we look the other way, it's happened many times in history, Native people of the Americas, aboriginals of Australia, Spanish inquisition, Armenians of Turkey, Jews, Slavs, gypsies, gays, of the mid 1900's, now isis and al qaida. 
All this happened because balance was thrown out for personal gains, the will to fight was by-passed because no one knew what the limits where...
If we want to respect the rights of the individual, we must respect and protect the right to oppose and debate, don't we? But as we see in the west, laws are now been passed to outlaw opposition and debates...

Is this true democracy and freedom or is it a form of control been pushed by one side (dark forces) over the other? Aren't we been pitted against each other?
That is the debate now been in the forefront of the western world. 
And at stake...our freedoms.

The N.C. Chronicles offers opinions and debate, we do not promote or support violence against any group or individuals. The question and debate in this post is...does dark forces exist?
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