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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Green energy; A way for governments to increase their coffers at our expence.

The people always lose with green scheme energy deals
Call it whatever you like -- “green” or alternate or renewable energy. Wherever governments interfere in power markets to reduce greenhouse emissions, the results are always higher taxes and skyrocketing power bills, with few environmental benefits.

The latest proof came Thursday when Ontario’s provincial Tories released secret documents showing that despite efforts by the governing Liberals to bring down Ontarians’ electricity bills this summer, Premier Kathleen Wynne and her cabinet already know that after next year’s election, power bills will have to go up – way up – until they almost double by 2028.

In their obsession with closing coal-fired power plants and replacing the electricity produced at them with wind, solar and biomass (a blind fixation shared by Alberta’s NDP), Ontario’s Liberals have made a series of awful deals with wind turbine operators and solar farm owners.

They have signed numerous long-term contracts to buy “green” power at well over the market value. And they often dump excess electricity at deep discounts into neighboring states, losses they then pass on to Ontario homeowners and businesses on their power bills.

Perhaps the dumbest of these deals was the Liberals’ decision to convert a coal-fired plant in Thunder Bay to burn wood chips. They made the deal before they checked whether plentiful Northern Ontario chips were suitable to fire the furnaces they had bought.

They weren’t. So instead of using local chips, Norwegian chips must be shipped in. Power from the Thunder Bay plant costs $1,600 per megawatt-hour – 25 times more than other Ontario wood chip power plants and nearly 100 times more than coal.
The same is beginning to happen in Alberta where the NDP government is paying big-time to shut down useful coal plants and ban construction of new ones.

To help cover the cost, the government of Premier Rachel Notley has implemented a $3-billion-a-year carbon tax that has added over a third to the cost of natural gas used to heat homes during long, cold prairie winters.

It miscalculated the cost of cancelled long-term power contracts with large-scale electricity users by about $2 billion. And it will be paying billions in subsidies to utilities over the next decade and a half to cover the cost of shutting generators early. There will also be payouts to coal towns losing mining jobs and businesses.

Alberta isn’t up near the $40 billion Ontario has wasted, but give us a few years.

The documents uncovered by the Ontario Tories on Thursday show that while the Wynne government may be able to bring power bills down now by 25% (through restructuring the long-term costs of “green” power), it won’t be able to avoid fiscal reality for long.

While average monthly power bills in Ontario may come down to around $123 a month this summer, by 2028 they will have spiked again to $215.

Another issue is that all this suffering and sacrifice (rising power costs will eliminate tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs) is doing nothing environmentally.

All these billions are being spent to eliminate about 7 megawatts of “installed capacity” in Ontario and about 6.5 megawatts of coal in Alberta.

That sounds like a lot, but consider that China has installed coal-fired capacity of 940,000 megawatts according to its National Energy Agency. And by 2030, that amount will have risen to 1.3 million megawatts.

It’s true China has recently announced it will scale back its coal-plant building plans, but it will still be adding over 500 megawatts a week for the next 13 years, while Ontario and Alberta are beggaring their economies and future generations over a mere 13.5 megawatts.

Does anyone, other than environmentalists (and Liberal and NDP premiers), think all that money and pain will save the planet?
It is true that long term it will benefit the planet to look at alternative fuel source, those "alternative" fuel sources can also be coal and natural gas. Instead of "imposing" their twisted ideal on us, they should be honest and admit that the technology is getting better and cleaner when it comes to those fuel sources.
A coal plant these days can almost burn without emissions and can only get better with time, hence passing it on to countries like China and India, and most of the third world.
That's what will reduce emissions, not taxing us past the limit of tolerance, while China, India and Brazil laughs at us.
This would reduce emissions a hell of a lot quicker than letting them build more dirty plants while we waste out time and tax money trying to clean up the planet.
In the meantime, we could all get together and work to invent better sources than the technology they try so hard to convince us is better. Green energy is in it's infancy, which means everything you see today will eventually be replace with more viable ones...
The solar panels of today will eventually have to be replace with infra-red ones, who can produce electricity even at night...
Wind mills are to big and bulky, and usually end up burning up or killing birds at an alarming rate...
Imagine the waste of taxpayer money...

Governments know damn well they have spent us into bankruptcy, the idea they throw out there that it`s beneficial to have high debts and deficits is total B.S., since when does a maxed out credit card benefit anyone. They are using green energy policies to increase their intake, like the ridiculous carbon tax to stay afloat and in power, after they waste that and mark my words, they will, what`s left....
Yet the snowflakes and those in need of puppies and safe spaces, with the help of the main stream media are either to stupid to realize they are been manipulated or corrupt enough to push their own political agenda. Which is never pro-people but to elect and put in power who they choose...
Under those rules, one can safely say democracy as we know it has reached it`s limits and must be re-invented to benefit people, not the chosen few.
The elitist still lives in the past of the chosen ones who rule over the commoner, they haven`t realize the internet and all it`s information is putting an early end to their idiocy.
History shows without a doubt, when a system comes to a point where the elitists doesn't listen and believes and acts as if they are untouchable, it usually ends up bad for them...
The question now is, with the advent of the web, what is to come and will it be world wide.

The N.C. Chronicles is an opinion web site, we offer information, don`t take our word for it, take the time to look it up further and make up your own minds. 
An informed population protect freedoms...and destroys corruption and elitism.
This is our world and the future belongs to the next generation.
Let`s leave it better than we had.

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