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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Adieu France! I was nice knowing you...

'I'll defend Europe!' Macron snubs French national anthem & walks out to EU song after win

In the past French politicians have announced their victory to the sound of La Marseillaise, which has stood as their anthem for hundreds of years.
But Mr Macron, who has gained support from major European figures including Jean-Claude Juncker and Angela Merkel, instead blasted the anthem of Europe ‘Ode to Joy’ from the speakers as he waved to adoring crowds of voters outside the Louvre museum.
The show of allegiance with the faltering European project was condemned by the losing Front National, who have fought to remove France from the crumbling European bloc.
Speaking to the public he said: "I'll defend France, I'll defend Europe, and will strengthen links between Europe and its people."
And while he later sang the French anthem with the crowd at the end of his speech, French voters on Twitter were quick to criticize his decision as a sign of European subservience.

Written in 1824 by German Ludwig van Beethoven and based on a poem by countryman Friedrich Schiller in 1785, Ode to Joy was used as a stand in national anthem for Unified Team of Germany in the Olympics from 1956 to 1968, and later taken on by the EU in 1985.
SNP MPs whistled then later sung the tune as a protest against Brexit in the House of Commons during the third reading of the Great Repeal Bill.
It comes as British officials attempt to predict how the Europhile president will approach a Brexit deal.
Mr Macron is a centrist populist who stands in favour of the European Union and has been a clear opponent of Brexit, branding it a “crime” in his manifesto.

On the campaign trail, he said that Britain would face “consequences” for leaving the EU and promised to take a tough stance in the divorce negotiations.
In February, Mr Macron said: “If your Government decides to organise a Brexit, I will be pretty tough on it.
“We have to preserve the rest of the European Union and not to convey the message that you can decide to leave without any consequences.”
He favours a hard Brexit which would leave Britain outside of the single market and protect the interests of EU members.

He later added: “I am attached to a strict approach to Brexit.

“I respect the British vote but the worst thing would be a sort of weak EU vis-a-vis the British.

“I don’t want a tailor made approach where the British have the best of two worlds.

“That will be too big an incentive for others to leave and kill the European idea, which is based on shared responsibilities.”\
Macron...the little clown that could! First of all calling him a centrist is trying to make him more acceptable to the population, this bouffon (clown) is a socialist and a globalist.

What's going to happen here is the fall of western Europe and the rise of eastern Europe...
Countries in the east have refused to bow to the european union's immigration policies. They joined the e.u. for one reason, the financial benefits, and when that is past, you will see the east run away from it at a fast pace...
Only a matter of time...
Globalism doesn't work for now and is infested with massive corruption...

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