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Friday, April 14, 2017

Tucker Carlson Takes on Sen Graham After Syrian Strikes

Listen closely....scary stuff when politicians talk that way.
"If there were boots on the ground, more Arab countries would join?" How did that work out in Iraq and Libya, even Afghanistan? No Arab country soldiers joined the fight on the side of the coalition, most joined isis.

Assad is helping isis??? Really, Assad's forces are shia and christian, isis is sunni, they hate each other, it's a religious war, not a revolution.

Russia is avoiding bombing isis?
Most of the skies over isis territory is patrolled by coalition forces, if Russian planes would go there, it would be one heck of a busy skyline...Spheres of influence means part of the shies over Syria is controlled by the west and parts by Russia and Syria, it avoids collisions and international incidents..doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

What if we get into a war with Russia?
John McCain..." Bring it on" ???

What if politicians would be more realistic instead of dishing out propaganda, wouldn't that be a change.
Sometime I think they truly believe we are all stupid or still live in the past when they could manipulate people into wars because of the lack of information. They don't know or can't accept, we can access all we need to know on the web and make up our own minds, well..most of us anyway.
There are still those who follow no matter what.

Not taking sides, just pointing out the obvious....
Freedom and democracy depend on it's people been informed, not on politicians guiding us where we should or shouldn't go...it's not them who fight these wars of theirs, it's our sons and daughters.

Isis, will be, is, defeated, the next question is, where will their thousands of pissed off fighters go next, Al Nusra front? Or start another terrorist organization, or maybe they will go home, come to the west though refugee programs...then what, back on the starting line?

Maybe we should let them have a peice of territory of their own, that way they would attract more away from the west, and this way we could control them and we would know where they all are...
You know instead of them been inside our cities???

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