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Thursday, April 27, 2017

This just makes one sick...Mom Sees Blisters On Baby’s Feet, Furious To Learn Babysitter’s Sick Secret

Mom Sees Blisters On Baby’s Feet, Furious To Learn Babysitter’s Sick Secret
A mother from Bladensburg, Maryland, was getting her 6-month-old child ready for the day when she noticed her baby’s feet were swollen and had blisters all over. After quickly taking her child to the pediatrician, she was left furious to learn her babysitter’s sick secret.
As if choosing a babysitter isn’t a stressful enough experience for parents, stories like this one will make them question everything. When one set of parents finally decided on Ismelda Ramos-Mendoza to care for their six-month-old daughter, they were completely unaware that they would soon regret their choice.
After Ramos-Mendoza babysat one night, the young mother found her daughter’s feet red, swollen, and covered in blisters. As any parent would, she immediately took her child to the doctor. As soon as the pediatrician saw the infant’s feet, the Bladensburg police were contacted to report obvious marks of abuse on the innocent child, leaving the mother horrified to learn that the marks were a result of the child’s feet getting burnt.
As soon as police arrived, the parents told them of their suspicions; that their daughter may have been injured while in the care of Ramos-Mendoza. When investigators began to interview the babysitter, she admitted that the child’s feet “may have rubbed across a tortilla,” according to Washington Post. However, she incriminated herself when she later admitted that she had placed the baby’s feet on the grill or pan she was cooking tortillas on out of “frustration.”
Apparently, the infant had been crying too much and the only solution the sick babysitter could come up with was to burn the child’s feet. Sadly, the child suffered severe injuries to her feet, leaving them severely red, swollen, blistered, and painful. In fact, when police officers saw the baby’s injuries, they described them as “heart-wrenching.” Ramos-Mendoza was arrested and initially held without bond. She has since been charged with child abuse, assault, and reckless endangerment.
When someone agrees to be a babysitter, they’re being trusted by that child’s guardian to keep them safe while they are away. If for any reason a childcare provider feels like the job isn’t the right fit for them, whether they are finding themselves frustrated or perhaps feeling like losing their control, then babysitting isn’t the career for them. The solution, however, is simple. Quit. No matter how frustrated one becomes, taking out that frustration on a child is never acceptable.
Clearly, Ramos-Mendoza shouldn’t be around kids and will undoubtedly never be trusted to watch anyone’s children ever again. It takes a sick individual to purposely place a distressed 6-month-old baby’s feet on a hot pan with the intent to cause harm. It’s disgusting to think that she not only kept her actions a secret but tried to excuse her behavior, saying she did it over a little bit of “frustration.” Thankfully, the child will recover and will now be safe from her horrible babysitter, who will hopefully get what she deserves before she’s ever able to hurt another child.
As adults we are here to care for the young, this is our first duty as humans, yet once in a while humanity sees things like this. Anyone who does this has an evil character, it's hard to see it but sometimes what your instinct tells you is usually right, maybe we should pay more attention to a gut feeling, specially when it comes to the safety of children.
Anyone who puts children's live at risk or promotes the harming of kids has failed as a human being. 
Animals do this, but then animals don't have a conscience, do they.
For example, a lion will kill anothers cubs so he can procreate, a female squirrel will infanticide her litter for the meat when food is scarce, their excuse is that they are...animals...
Some humans do and or promote somewhat the same thing, they call it late term abortions.
Some are so without a conscience they can hurt kids without a second thought.
This is not a gender issue, but according to feminism, only men bad, when they do this they also are responsible for harming kids, by not admitting evil does not have a gender.

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