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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Truth About Trump's Air Strike on Syria; Paul Joseph Watson

I love this guy....

Here's a few facts...
If the Syrian government wins the war, then it's over...If it falls or regime change is victorious...
Just like Iraq  and Libya, there will be a second civil was, because the islamic rebels do not get along and have different objectives.
Think about that for a minute..

The worse thing here is blind support, Trump is not the conservative messiah, establishment politicians, neo-con and member of the council on foreign relations (globalists) are well entrenched in Washington and the military industrial complex would like nothing more than have another war, even against Russians, which would probably involve China.

Trumpism...well it was a good idea, but it's over...took less than 2 months.
We now know that they can say they will change things, or drain the swamp, but reality shows that, it's just not possible, the swamp is just to strong and to entrenched.

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