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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

President V. Putin; Assad's chemical weapons are a "crock of shit"

Not taking anyone's side, not saying they are right or the others are, but if one only gets their news from the main stream media, your not exactly getting the whole picture...
Making one's own decision by listening to what the other side says, prevents propaganda from taking a foot-hold and dictating how we should think..

I still have a problem with "he gassed his people".;
Assad is winning the war
His enemies are surrounded
The west said they could live with him staying is power.
But he's stupid enough to do a gas attack on innocent civilians? Doesn't make sense.
Or maybe he is that stupid???  Who knows.

The rebels on the other hand, majority of which comes from outside the country and all of them are radical fundamentalists, have all to gain by staging this little propaganda coup.

Actually what it looks like is a bomb fell on a chemical depot or the whole thing was fabricated in some way...as we said before, when nerve gas is present, one does not touch anything without gloves and masks...
which they did in the video.

Or maybe we should go to this conspiracy theory coming out of msnbc...
Putin 'Might Have Orchestrated' Syria Strike to Help Trump...WOW.

Whatever the case, we are living in extremely dangerous times, the only ones who can stop all this is an informed population.

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