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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Canadian Journalist on lies and propaganda about Syria

Are we been told both sides of the story, when it comes to Iraq, Libya and now Syria, by the main stream media?
When Trump bomb the Syrian airport, all of them got on the bandwagon, all of them ridiculed anyone who said; "wait a minute, the gas attack might not be as an open and shut case as the anti-Syrian forces says it is".
Msnbc, cnn, abc, nbc, cbs, beat the drums of war like good little propaganda stations. Fox, well, they went beyond that and pushed for more attacks and the removal of Assad...even hinting at a war with Russia...
To them it's republican vs democrats...Lately they seem to have lost their..."fair and balanced". Just like msnbc and cnn did a long time ago.

Do they even understand what such a war would mean for the west or do they really believe they are all powerful and only one side would suffer? Propaganda is refusing to admit both sides, men, women and children, would suffer. When it comes to Syria, when one listens to the msm, only one side suffers, the one they side with... But that is never true, all sides suffer...and they refuse to post, report, and point to that fact...
It is important for the sake of truth and reality to look at both sides, so we do not make the mistakes of the past; "their side is evil, our side is always right...W.A.R., We Are Right.

I really believed, with the advent of the web, people would be more apt to have a more rationalistic view of things, debate and contradict what the msm tells then to believe or how to think.
But it's obvious we still live in a time where, whatever the msm and government report must be the truth, that way of thinking is what caused those horrible wars of the past, started with propaganda,  got out of hand and ended with millions dead. (latest.; Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, remember colin powell at the u.n.'s security council and the pictures?)

Whenever someone tries to point out the one sided reporting like the reporter above, they are as we said, ridiculed or simply ignored, that is how propaganda works.
It's not about taking sides, but making sure, both sides have an equal say, been informed and making sure, if we do take sides, it's not because someone someone told us to, but making our own decisions by knowing the truth and both sides of the story. This is how we can prevent another world war.

I found many pro-Syrian web sites, something you will never see on the main stream media, and it's important, if not for them, but for us to know and be informed, to listen and read what they have to say, because if we only get one side, what does that say of us when we support without knowing how both sides see things...

Here is an example. (there are many other, all speak about this like this one does)
Two years ago, “Majd” wrote these words on a Facebook posting:
” I am Syrian… living in Syria in the middle of everything. We have seen horrors. It was never a revolution nor a civil war. The terrorists are sent by your goverment. They are al Qaeda Jabhat al Nusra Wahhabi Salafists Talibans etc and the extremist jihadists sent by the West, the Saudis, Qatar and Turkey. Your Obama and whoever is behind him or above him are supporting al Qaeda and leading a proxy war on my country.

We thought you are against al Qaeda and now you support them.

The majority here loves Assad. He has never committed a crime against his own people… The chemical attack was staged by the terrorists helped by the USA and the UK,  etc. Everyone knows that here.

American soldiers and people should not be supporting barbarian al Qaeda terrorists who are killing Christians, Muslims in my country and everyone.

Every massacre is committed by them. We were all happy in Syria: we had free school and university education available for everyone, free healthcare, no GMO, no fluoride, no chemtrails, no Rothschild IMF- controlled bank, state owned central bank which gives 11% interest, we are self-sufficient and have no foreign debt to any country or bank.

Life before the crisis was so beautiful here. Now it is hard and horrific in some regions.

I do not understand how the good and brave American people can accept to bomb my country which has never harmed them and therefore help the barbarian al Qaeda. These animals slit throats and behead for pleasure… they behead babies and rape young kids.

They are satanic. Our military helped by the millions of civilian militias are winning the battle against al Qaeda. But now the USA wants to bomb the shit out of us so that al Qaeda can get the upper hand.

Please help us American people. They are destroying the cradle of civilization. Stop your government.

Impeach that bankster puppet you have as president… support Ron Paul or Rand or anyone the like who are true American patriots. but be sure of one.thing..if they attack and I think they will….it will be hell.

Be sure that if it were to be a world war, many many will die. Syria can and will defend itself and will sink many US ships. Iran will go to war..Russia and China eventually if it escalates… and all this for what ? For the elites who created al Qaeda through the US government and use it to conduct proxy wars and destabilize countries which do not go along with their new world order agenda !!?

American people…you gotta regain control of your once admirable country. Now everyone hates you for.the.death you bring almost everywhere.

Ask the Iraqis…the Afghans…the Pakistanis…the Palestinians…the Syrians…the Macedonians and Serbs…the Libyans…the Somalis…the Yemenis ….all the ones you kill with drones everyday. Stop your wars, Enough wars. Use diplomacy..dialogue…help..not force.”

Here is another;
What do evil dictators  look like?  What do they talk like?  Just how wicked is an evil dictator’s wife ?  Should she be toppled along with her husband?  Who am I talking about? President Assad of Syria and his wife, Asmas Al Assad.

These are the same ones boy Rubio, McCain, Lyndsay Graham, Ryan, the Bush’s, Obama, Kerry and Hillary all want to topple down to bring peace to Syria. That is THE LIE  they are and have been shouting.  What they really want to do is take over Syria in order to hurry along their New World Order agenda.  The media whores push the establishment narrative that president Assad of Syria is evil and a corrupt dictator. They fear that when you realize who these people really are, you will be sorry you ever believed any lies told about them, let alone what they have conspired to do against them and all the citizens of Syria.

The real truth is – President  Assad and his wife Asmas Al Assad, care about their people. Syria has been invaded with Islamic radicals that have terrorized their nation. We should be helping Assad, not the radical rebels who have infiltrated in the same manner the US manufactured ISIS has infiltrated throughout the entire region.  President Assad is fighting terrorists.

Meanwhile before Obama’s push to topple Assad and take over Syria, the media wrote wonderful stories about President Assad and his wife Asmas.  Vogue magazine issued a wonderful story calling Asmas the “Rose of The Desert”.  After Obama’s regime targeted Syria, the media buried any good stories and began a cut throat propaganda campaign to match their new narrative of Assad as an evil dictator.  (You know the drill).  They have taken great lengths to rewrite wonderful stories where they once called Asmas Al Assad wonderful things and were amazed at the good will being done by Asmas to people of all faiths. Now they want you to believe that she was faking her lifetime of caring and sided with her so-called evil husband dictator....
(Read the rest, and watch the videos included)
I found this post originally on a Jewish website,
As you can see not all stories come from pro-Assad -Syria websites, questioning establishment media rhetoric and propaganda comes from all walks of life.

Note; The N.C. Chronicles does not take sides, we do know propaganda flies on both sides, we try to bring you all sides of the story, specially the ones you will never see on the main stream media. This gives you a chance to make up your own mind, for or against.
We don't have to post anti-Syrian stories, you already get those on the news networks.
We do not demonize them, but posting them would just repeat what you already know.
What we need to know is how the other side thinks.

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