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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Utah couple has been arrested for abusing their foster children, who were allegedly found tied up and locked in a dark room where they were denied water, officials said.

Cops discovered three boys between the ages of 7 and 11 zip-tied to beds at the home of Diane Waldmiller, 41, and Matthew Waldmiller, 40, on Thursday, according to reports.

The officers were responding to a child neglect complaint made through the Division of Child and Family Services, police told the Deseret News.

For 10 to 13 hours at a time, the couple would allegedly lock the children in their room, which had no light bulb and had its windows painted black, the Deseret News reported.

The boys weren’t allowed water and had their mouths and hands duct-taped shut. In addition, their beds had no sheets or blankets, authorities said.

The children were also forced to wear diapers and as a form of punishment, and were made to eat rice doused with salt and cayenne pepper, cops said.

At one point, the boys managed to escape the room to go dumpster diving for food, but their foster parents caught them and punished them by screwing the windows shut, officials said.
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What is so sad about this, as adults we are supposed to care for the young, all of us, after all they are our future.
Think about this...
These specific kids had no family, expected to get a new one and be happy, instead they got this crap from these assh*lles... 
If that doesn't put a tear in your eye....
Remember, "everything you do in this life, (specially to children) echoes in the Spirit World"...

If these people are found guilty in a court of law, I wish them the same in prison as they gave these kids.

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