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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

What do "women" think of a day without feminists?

What People Want To Say To Feminists On Strike!

Here's the truth behind 'A Day Without A Woman' from, well, a woman

A day without women is pointless and ridiculous
By "Emily" Faulkner, senior, Biological Sciences

There are to many opinions of women who are not happy about all this feminist crap to put them all here, but you get the point. Many where mad because they had to go to work to take care of their families, and this "Men are bad" feminist gathering, made things worse for them...Not to mention those who think this was insulting to their men...
 A Day Without Women, A Defamation of Men
by "Sabrina" Schaeffer
The best feminists can do is...use little girls for their twisted idealism...
And many other things...

Again, as we said before, we are all "equally important in the circle of life, one cannot survive without the other(obviously), yet these "clowns" (feminists) would rather demonize the very gender who sacrifices life and limb to make sure they can push this bullshit...

Imagine a day without men? (Thank God most women don't think that way)
And they (feminists) wonder why their little temper tantrum didn't attract as many women as they thought...
Maybe they should give "real women" the credit they deserve, the understanding that together we achieve results a hell of a lot quicker than the divisions and hate they seem to be tied at the hips with.

Men have mothers, sisters, wives and daughters, and to have this group (feminists) spew out that men don't care about them is the most inhumane thought they ever came up with...Their biggest mistake is they also believe women don't care or hate, as they do, their fathers, brothers, husbands and sons.

The sooner we rid ourselves of such hate groups like radical man-hating feminists, the better we will all be, and they can take their manginas with them.

In closing we would like to thank and show respect to those "women" who face reality everyday along side the men in their lives, together we will make life better for the next generation, without grouping, hate, divisions. Just like our parents did.

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