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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Watch the left-wing media get that SMIRK wiped off their face by Trump's win ...

It says it all doesn't it...

The same media tried hard to fool people with their fake polls, then where surprised when it didn't work?
Don't you get the sense the main stream media is out of touch so much with people that they believe they can manipulate the way people vote?
It's pretty obvious, after the disastrous maddow Trump tax scoop hour, that they have no intention of accepting what democracy dictates they should, and that's to respect the peoples vote.
Even if it means making total fools of themselves like maddow did.
Get ready though..I doubt making fools of themselves revealing Prez Trumps pays a lot more taxes than.... will stop them...more to come.
They also don't realize, or maybe they do, how dangerous the game they are playing is...

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