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Thursday, March 23, 2017

They are watching everyone without respect for the true meaning of freedom or democracy itself.

When Prez Trump declared he was wiretapped by the obama administration, the main stream media openly went to war against him saying he was either wrong, lying or a nut that needed to be impeached.
That’s because he dared to go after their fallen hero, obama and his replacement, clinton.
They are doing everything in their power to discredit him, without telling their viewers that he had access to information, been the president, which they were not privy to and he should be given the benefit of the doubt.

Now, with the recent declaration of Congressman D.Nunes that there was surveillance of Trump during the obama administration, the pro-democrat party media has to eat crow...
Question is, will they report on this the way they are supposed to or spin it in a matter that will misinform the people?
Maybe they should give the whole thing to msnbc’s maddow and let her make a day of it like she did with her flop of a “I got Trumps tax return” which made him look better than the day before and made her look like a puppet and a fool of the left.

That said, it’s pretty obvious the main stream media has lost all credibility and the days of Walter Cronkite are long gone...The days of reporting with honesty has been replace with idealism and that is making more division than unity...one can be against someone, but true democracy demand debate over choice of one side over the other politically and if one watches cnn, msnbc, abc, cbs, cbc, bbc,  so on, there is no debate but only a one sided attack on the side they don’t like.
Sure the reporters can have their own personal choices when it comes to politics but they must be professionals and keep it at home.
The main problem started when media, papers, tv and other where bought and treated by big wigs as they own private toys. The days of the independent newspaper is a thing of the past and that is where it all went wrong.
Reporters don’t dare to go against their owners in fear of losing their posh well paid jobs and they will sell their independent souls to please their masters instead of been the people they were meant to be, independent and as honest as they can be...

Why is all this important where you are concerned? Well think about this, if they are willing to go this far, with a presidential candidate, a President, how far will they go or gone for a small person like...YOU?

And all this is another nail in the coffin of freedom of expression and democracy...
One little bit at a time.
How far they will go? Only time will tell...
Will they succeed?   NO!!!

I am not free because the state says so, but because I choose to be.
And no one will take it from me.

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