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Friday, March 24, 2017

The fall of freedoms...one little bit at a time...It's not the first time.

Read carefully...
There are more, stalin, mao, tyrants and dictators, but you get the point.

There was a time when the state could not ask you for your I.D.when you walked the streets of your city.You had the right to debate any subject you chose without repercussions. The police where family friendly and protectors of the people not the state. They did not look like a military organization because it would seem like an occupational force. Elections was about policies, not gender, race or hereditary titles.
Where places of learning had all views respected.
There was a time when the media would defend these rights with all their power..
But now time has changed all that, the excuse they use in order to curb freedoms is..get this, security.
Let's see how secure one feels when the state becomes the oppressor...
Heck; You can't even walk your dog without having it registered with the local city hall.
We could go on and on but why bother.

Go figure some of hitlers policy would be adopted by the west...

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