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Monday, March 27, 2017

Norway Rape victim Therapist.; "To muslim men the hijab is a symbolic marker,which separates the submissive muslim women from the Norwegian whores"

EYE-OPENING VIDEO: Rape Epidemic; ”The rape problem is primarily about Muslim men raping non-Muslim women”

“In the capitol of Oslo, 100% Of assault rapes between strangers were committed by immigrant “Non-Western” males…9 of 10 victims are native Norwegian women”

“The rape problem is primarily about Muslim men raping non-Muslim women. Any women who does not wear the hijab could be considered ‘fair game.'”

An 1,472% increase in rape cases have been reported in Sweden since the 1970’s.

Some native Norwegians have reportedly begun dying their hair black and are traveling in groups.
Norway’s left-wing establishment has been blaming the victims.

In an astounding number of cases, the Swedish courts have demonstrated sympathy for the rapists, and have acquitted suspects who have claimed that the girl wanted to have sex with six, seven or eight men.

Watch eye-opening video here:

Political correctness gone wrong, or maybe it's a dark backroom way of curbing freedoms, specially women's rights?
I mean why bring in so many who believe women should be submissive, which is what that scarf represents, defend them in courts, media and governments, all the while rapes increasing with the numbers of middle east immigrants.
We are no a site that subscibes to conspiracy theories, but, it sure as heck points to it...

On top of all this you have feminists who promotes the wearing of the scarf as a way to fit in, how about promoting "not wearing the submissive piece of cloth as a way to fight for women's rights?"
There's nothing wrong with helping people, but not at the price of our own, specially our women.

Let's get one thing straight, the hijab is not representative of the muslim faith, but a tool of submission, many in this religion believe that if a woman dresses provocatively and gets raped, it's her fault...
When there was peace in that world, women had the rights to express themselves the way they see fit, since the radicals took over there has been nothing but war after war...
There is a big difference between the past and present when it comes to women's rights, which has gone backwards in the muslim world.
But don't take our word for it, see for yourself...

In  the meantime, these women would never be allowed to do this.
 And she would be raped or worse, stoned to death...
All this is not to pick on anyone but to be aware of the clash of civilization which is on the horizon, if it hasn't already started, specially in Europe.(As the person in the video above explains)
It's about the possibility of a backlash that seems to be working itself in our society...
The worse is to take the main stream media as if they are telling the truth and been honest, which they are not because of the fear to be called some name that ends with "ist or phobia" and that's what's dangerous about all this, the dishonesty...

There is no way that kind of backwards look at women or anyone else is going to make it in western society, freedom is not given by the state or protected by it, people are free to choose because they took it, once it's there it cannot be taken back. The only way for a foreign way of life to take over would be by "imposing" it by force. And that is never going to work and would not recommend anyone even try.
Still to this day, most main stream media and elitists, keep on saying this is not a problem and it's fake news, well who is promoting fake news?
Of course not all muslims are like this but many are and if as they say only 10% are radicals, well that's over 100 million people. Think about that for a minute.
Even here in Canada, land of the polite and acceptance, there has been honor killings. Might not be as bad as europe for now, but if things continues the way they are, the clash of civilization might occur, and this time, with the weapons available in the world, we will not survive as a species.

Western men are very protective of our daughters rights, no one will "impose" their will on them, if the radicals in the muslim world think they have a chance to win the day, they are sorely mistaken.
If we look at history, when there is such a big difference between two civilizations, it never ends well.

The N.C. Chronicles offer opinions, we do not subscribe or promote violence.
After reading any blog, take the time to research, we offer a point of reference only...
Be inform, never take our word for it.
An  well informed population can sometimes avoid war.
What you read here, you will never see on the main stream media.

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