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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Is it really a day without women or...

Let's see what about a day without only one groups of men...The oil worker...
This billboard was put up in North Carolina,
(boy o'boy this should piss a few feminists off)
Reports say that it was put up by ...women...(thought can't positively be sure)
It does show people are getting sick and tired of their crap though.

Feminists depend on over 6000 items which is produced from oil. One of the major products made from crude oil are plastics. Without plastics, alternative materials would need to be found for the literally thousands of items that they depend on every day;
No clothes,
no nylons,
no make-up,
no food,
no electricity,
no cell phones,
no computers,
no credit cards,
None of these and no cars and gas for them to drive to their "day without feminists"
and that's not all...
Look, we are all important to each other in the gran scheme of things, one cannot survive without the other, men and "women", but we could survive and do better without the constant bullsh*t feminists keep on throwing out there..they are pissed off because people voted for President Trump rather than a crooked one of their own..that's what it's all about...
SO....Since they are not going to do anything, skip work and their responsibility, they should go make the rest of us...sandwiches..
Oh and by the way...feminist heroes...
VS real women...
Nothing against women's day...love the "ladies"...
But let's face facts, "a day without women is the feminist idea of a hate on for men demonstration plus, like we said...pissed because crooked hillary lost...to a man who don't take their sh*t.

Then again...


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the reality show Master Chef. Where feminists were demanding that a woman belongs in the kitchen.



BlackWolf said...

Ya I heard about that...lol