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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I didn't think it possible but yes...msnbc and rachel maddow made more of a fool of themselves than usual..here's why.

On the maddow show last night, march 14th, she thought she had a scoop on Prez Trump's taxes of 2005..,.
She had her whole show about...nothing. But, thanks to her, she did show he pays a heck of a lot of taxes and follows the rules. Which was not was she meant to do...lol.
What she actually did is make him look very good, so good that Laura Ingraham commended on fox new's Hannity that Donald Trump should get a new accountant because seems like he paid too much taxes compare to others.... see below..(I guess she thought she had a reprieve for her low rated show by releasing his taxes.)
In 2005 he payed $38 million at a 25% rate, not to forget business, excise, employment and sales taxes, which makes it more than 25% if you think about it....compare to....
Msnbc Comcast, 24% (lol)
N.Y. Times 2014-0
Romney 2011-14.1%
The obamas 2015-19%
and yes even bernie sanders 2014...13.5%

I don't know how bad it can get or how long medias like msnba, cnn, can keep going under these circumstances but holy mother of.....
The more they do this hate-on for a dully elected President without giving him the respect he deserves, like they did to their hero who spent more money than all former presidents before him put together is beyond me. What it does show, unless people vote for who "they" want, then they wont even respect the voters choice?
There comes a point where they will realize they are causing more damages and divisions which could end up very badly for the unity of a nation... (hopefully)

Like I said, I didn't think she could make more of a fool of herself than she does every night with her weird unsubstantiated attacks on the new administration, but she again...proved me wrong.

Twitter having fun.....

Donald Trump Jr.‏Verified account @DonaldJTrumpJr
Thank you Rachel Maddow for proving to your Trump hating followers how successful @realDonaldTrump is & that he paid $40mm in taxes!

Ben Shapiro‏Verified account @benshapiro
Imagine Geraldo's regret when he opened Al Capone's vault to find Rachel Maddow's report on Trump's

It took over 30 years for someone to top Geraldo Rivera for biggest over-hyped live TV epic fail in history. You did it Rachel Maddow !

Loser of the week goes to Rachel Maddow. $38,000,000.00 is an obscene amount of taxes for now a POTUS who is making $1 for next 8 years

Don't miss it! Rachel Maddow will reveal who shot J. R. Ewing on the series "Dallas." Sure it was the 80's, but it's RACHEL MADDOW!

I mean seriously... was Rachel Maddow running a campaign ad for Trump? Well, he pays a higher tax rate than about 99.95% of people.

Congrats to maddow, for showing Donald J. Trump pays his taxes...

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