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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Here's what's waiting for ya, if you keep on voting for those who keep on borrowing on your kids future.

In Greece, which currently has over one million unemployed citizens, firms have started paying workers in kind, mainly with supermarket coupons.
According to the latest unemployment statistics for the EU member states, prepared by Eurostat, the youth unemployment rate in Greece had remained at around 50 percent in the years 2013 to 2015, and there are no indications the situation may improve in the near future.

In Greece, if one stays unemployed for 12 months or longer, he or she is no longer eligible for social security or the reimbursement of their health care costs, which forces people to agree to low-wage temporary or part-time jobs.

According to figures released by the Ministry of Labour, more than 22 percent of Greek workers are employed half-time or part-time and earn less than €400 (US $430) per month.

Apart from that, many of those who do manage to find jobs have to put up with receiving part of the salary in coupons, a practice that is becoming increasingly popular among Greek companies struggling to cope with rising payroll costs and social security.

GSEE, Greece's largest umbrella trade union which represents about 1.8 million private sector employees, has warned that coupons, which don't count towards a person's social security and pension contributions, are throwing the country's already damaged labor market into further chaos.

Before the economic crisis, some firms issued employees with vouchers on top of salaries to reward them for outstanding performance at work. Treats included all-inclusive stays at holiday resorts and free theater tickets. But now, what many employees can count on is lackluster pay in kind vouchers for supermarket supplies as a substitute for money.

In another emerging and quite nasty trend, private security guards escort company employees to ATM machines at night, forcing them to withdraw and hand back to their employers as much as a third of their deposited pay, for a government decree forced companies to pay all employers' salaries via bank transfers.

According to GSEE, in recent months it had received thousands of complaints centered on a group of telecommunications companies, security firms, cleaning and collection companies which operate across the country. Despite mounting complaints, no official investigation has yet been launched into the practices.  
We said it before, right now it's not about increasing what they (lefties and elites) call the safety net, but trying out best to keep what we already have and go after the waste...
In America, the last administration spent more than all administration put together, who came before them and nothing to show for it..
In Canada we have one who wants to increase the debt to over a trillion...With a population a little over 36 million, that is a recipe for financial disaster...it has to be paid back, the interests keep on raising, less money and more borrowing, a vicious circle which won't end well....
That's what happen when people keep on installing elitists for their looks, who they are or what gender they belong to, instead of policy.
Under those circumstances it's just a matter of time before we all end up like Greece, what next? Food shortages, lineups for a loaf of bread? As radical as that may sound, look at all socialist countries who give out more than they can afford....Soviets? gone, China, they had to change to capitalism to survive, and then there is Venezuela....

Sometimes, people have to realize, the need to shake things up, this is where Trumpism comes in, it's not  about the person, but using it to send a message, we had enough of them using taxpayers money to get elected and pander to a base. We know what's going on, we are not as stupid as the established politicians believe we are, and we are fully aware of how a nations economy works....

If we are to keep what we have, our social programs, for seniors, the poor, the disabled, the children, so on, we have to take back what is ours and get rid of those who believe they have a God given right to rule over us when they can't even follow the rules themselves and spend as they see fit, otherwise, what happens next will be our fault...

This time, with the increased population, the information network, the web, it's not going to be as easy to control as it was during the 1930's depression...
But then again, maybe they already know that, maybe that's why they (elitists) are militarizing the justice department?

Nations survive on the goodwill of the population, not governments, history has shown that, it is... indisputable. Our freedoms depends on a healthy economy, take away the financial stability of a nation and liberty is gone. It's the old argument, martial law is impose to...safeguard the government through their argument that they must keep the population safe, but what they really mean is..keep themselves in power.

We must have a new personal belief...
I am a free person not because the state says so...but because I choose to be...
A free nation belongs to it's people. not a chosen few, and a well financial management of said nation is the basis of that freedom.

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