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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

DON LEMON WALKED OFF: "Don't Come To This Network Again" To A Guest

don lemon's 10 pm slot on cnn is proof positive of what fake new truly means, as Prez Trump said, "see the hatred".
This guy doesn't hide his personal feeling toward Trump, which by definition is what fake news really is, they are supposed to offer balance opinions and the right to debate, so people can be fully informed, but according to lemon, if you don't follow his views, he cuts you off, which he has done on many occasions.
In the case above he basically bitches about the Trump family's rights to secret service protection, while ignoring obama's family got the same. It just happens the Trump family is a bit bigger.
In the type of world we live in, leaving any of them unprotected would put their lives at risk...
But for lemon, if it has the disposition of putting the President in a bad light, then it's a good thing...
And that is the definition of...fake new...

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