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Friday, February 24, 2017

BlackLivesMatter Protests White People Eating Brunch

BlackLivesMatter protesters are trying a new protest tactic. They are going to restaurants filled with mostly white people that have nothing to do with police or any case of brutality and disrupting everyone’s brunch.

On Saturday, January 3, protesters in UC Berkeley dreamed up an effort they called #BlackBrunch. With this new protest tactic, protesters decided to begin wandering through the “mostly white upscale neighborhoods” in Berkeley and disrupt their breakfasts, brunches, and lunches.

Organizers promised it would be an effort to disrupt any random business, none of which have any connection to police or cases of brutality, in a specific effort to attack white people as they go about their daily business. It is to be “no business as usual,” the protesters proclaimed.

In the words of one agitator, “We’re approaching our last brunch spot! #blackbrunchnyc interrupting white supremacy one brunch at a time.”

The #BlackBrunch protesters in Berkeley relied heavily on the claim that a black person is murdered by police in then USA every 28 hours. But even the usually left-leaning PolitiFact said this claim was false.

The BlackBrunch tactic was also seen in New York on Sunday where one protester claimed that white people have no right to go out to breakfast.
Is it us or is all this getting ridiculous?
Racism or in this case stupidity divides people even more, it certainly does not advance an issue, but reverses it....
There will always be some sort of racism and fighting it is fine, worth while for the people, specially kids to live and grow in a safe surrounding, but they have to pick their targets a hell of a lot better than this...
When someone who is not racist is targeted like this at his or her table, this is what they remember, especially if their family is present.
Resentment sets in, how does that  help and isn't it racism in itself.
Looks like hate is the recipe of the day for BLM, and what they do reflects on the rest of them...
Someday we might be in a world of fun and candies, but not today....Thanks to group such as this.

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