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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Revisiting...Ever wonder??? Why Islamic Terrorists Don’t Kidnap Russians

Interesting way of doing things...
Does meeting violence with violence work?
One might not agree, but must admit...
seems to have worked for the Russians.

Monday, February 27, 2017

HeHeHe!!! LOL!!! Feminists Plan Their ‘Day Without a Woman’.

What they really mean is "A day without feminism"...
 Feminist nurses will leave their sick patients; feminist bus drivers will abandon their riders; and feminist scientists will leave their labs — according to reports of a worldwide “Day Without A Woman” being planned for March 8.
Yet in contrast to these angry, defiant people — dedicated moms, grandmothers, wives and caregivers will continue to do what they have always done: keep their families running.
“These angry women are good at either showing up in mobs, or disappearing completely,” said one mom of three from Topsfield, Massachusetts. “I am a feminist in that I want equal wages and opportunities, but it seems wildly premature to expend all this energy just a month into Trump’s presidency. Plus, what in the world would my kids do if I took a day off from being a mom?”

 MMM!!! A day without feminists, at home, at work?
say most men and women.

Sure this will be on cnn, msnbc, cbc, bbc, but we can shut that off or change the channel...

Meanwhile, wives and moms who are dedicated to their families will continue their amazing work.

I suggest we teach them a little bit about reality,
A day without men? 
 Let's all stay home with our families for the day, see how that works out...

Comedy routine....with their pussy hats, vejayhay costumes...
Of course they can always count on their manginas...
This site promotes femininity, not feminism...

Friday, February 24, 2017

BlackLivesMatter Protests White People Eating Brunch

BlackLivesMatter protesters are trying a new protest tactic. They are going to restaurants filled with mostly white people that have nothing to do with police or any case of brutality and disrupting everyone’s brunch.

On Saturday, January 3, protesters in UC Berkeley dreamed up an effort they called #BlackBrunch. With this new protest tactic, protesters decided to begin wandering through the “mostly white upscale neighborhoods” in Berkeley and disrupt their breakfasts, brunches, and lunches.

Organizers promised it would be an effort to disrupt any random business, none of which have any connection to police or cases of brutality, in a specific effort to attack white people as they go about their daily business. It is to be “no business as usual,” the protesters proclaimed.

In the words of one agitator, “We’re approaching our last brunch spot! #blackbrunchnyc interrupting white supremacy one brunch at a time.”

The #BlackBrunch protesters in Berkeley relied heavily on the claim that a black person is murdered by police in then USA every 28 hours. But even the usually left-leaning PolitiFact said this claim was false.

The BlackBrunch tactic was also seen in New York on Sunday where one protester claimed that white people have no right to go out to breakfast.
Is it us or is all this getting ridiculous?
Racism or in this case stupidity divides people even more, it certainly does not advance an issue, but reverses it....
There will always be some sort of racism and fighting it is fine, worth while for the people, specially kids to live and grow in a safe surrounding, but they have to pick their targets a hell of a lot better than this...
When someone who is not racist is targeted like this at his or her table, this is what they remember, especially if their family is present.
Resentment sets in, how does that  help and isn't it racism in itself.
Looks like hate is the recipe of the day for BLM, and what they do reflects on the rest of them...
Someday we might be in a world of fun and candies, but not today....Thanks to group such as this.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Leftist democrat hero cecile richard raises her salary a whopping 265%

 Planned Parenthood CEO Raises Her Salary To Unprecedented Amount… “265% Increase”
In an age when liberal news media shows its disdain for corporate America (unless those corporations are touting their hypocritical, pro-LGBT, public potty policies), leftie journalists can’t show enough love for abortion mogul Cecile Richards.

She quite literally has pro-abortion privilege.

Planned Parenthood lost 670,540 clients in less than 10 years and slashed major services (except one) up to 59% — however, they increased their president’s salary by a whopping 265% (from $360,902 in 2006 to $957,952).

Yet Richards gets praised by the news media?

Since she took over the helm of Planned Parenthood in 2006, she has transformed the abortion chain into a massive PR machine for Democrats.

“Planned Parenthood, we’re non-partisan,” absurdly claimed Cecile Richards in a recent interview with MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host, Mika Brzezinski. For the first time in years, FactCheck.org decided to actually fact-check one of the most public, polarizing and dishonest figures in America.

That whole “we’re non-partisan” line was dismantled by the left-leaning organization as it revealed what all of us have known for a long time: Planned Parenthood is an extension of the Democratic Party. Just on the Congressional level, Planned Parenthood spent $681,679 on Democrats and a measly $12,500 on Republicans (1.8% to be exact).

It’s time to defund this organization.
This is nothing new, in Ontario Canada hydro executives (elitists) do the same thing and the customers have to pay for it in their hydro bill...forcing some to choose between healthy food or heat...
Here you have a person among many who takes money meant for women's health to embellish her lifestyle, as if anyone is worth that much. (that's feminism for ya, use women's issue to enrich one's self)
It has come to a point where heroes of the left are put on a pedestal by the amount they siphon off the organization they are supposed to run for the welfare of others. (clinton foundation been another)
And they wonder why they are loosing support?
Personally, we on the other hand support people who serve the nations citizens...like...mmm!
Oh ya!!! President D.J. Trump who refuse to take a salary,saying he doesn't need it, big difference from the  "we left the white house broke" clintons who are worth hundreds of millions...

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

DON LEMON WALKED OFF: "Don't Come To This Network Again" To A Guest

don lemon's 10 pm slot on cnn is proof positive of what fake new truly means, as Prez Trump said, "see the hatred".
This guy doesn't hide his personal feeling toward Trump, which by definition is what fake news really is, they are supposed to offer balance opinions and the right to debate, so people can be fully informed, but according to lemon, if you don't follow his views, he cuts you off, which he has done on many occasions.
In the case above he basically bitches about the Trump family's rights to secret service protection, while ignoring obama's family got the same. It just happens the Trump family is a bit bigger.
In the type of world we live in, leaving any of them unprotected would put their lives at risk...
But for lemon, if it has the disposition of putting the President in a bad light, then it's a good thing...
And that is the definition of...fake new...

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Federal Judge Rules Against CNN In “FAKE NEWS” Case…May Have Acted With “Actual Malice”

< ......................
Those who accuse CNN and other mainstream media outlets of “fake news” will probably revel in a recent decision by a federal judge in Atlanta, Georgia. While Judge Orinda Evans didn’t all out declare that CNN was peddling in falsehoods, she did take aim at the network in an initial judgment in favor of a former hospital CEO who sued CNN accusing them of purposely skewing statistics to reflect poorly on a West Palm Beach hospital. Judge Evans didn’t mince words in her 18-page order allowing the case to move forward, and dismissing CNN’s attempt to get it thrown out of court.
Davide Carbone, former CEO of St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, filed a defamation lawsuit against CNN after they aired what he claims were a “series of false and defamatory news reports” regarding the infant mortality rate at the hospital. CNN’s report said the mortality rate was three times the national average. However, Mr. Carbone contends that CNN “intentionally” manipulated statistics to bolster their report. He also claims that CNN purposely ignored information that would look favorable to the hospital in order to sensationalize the story.

“In our case, we contended that CNN essentially made up its own standard in order to conduct an ‘apples to oranges’ comparison to support its false assertion that St. Mary’s mortality rate was 3 times higher than the national average. Accordingly, the case against CNN certainly fits the description of media-created ‘Fake News.’” said Carbone’s attorney L. Lin Wood, in a statement to LawNewz.com.

Wood says that as a result of CNN’s story Carbone lost his job and it became extremely difficult for him to find new employment in the field of hospital administration.

“False and defamatory accusations against real people have serious consequences. Neither St. Mary’s or Mr. Carbone did anything to deserve being the objects of the heinous accusation that they harmed or put babies and young children at risk for profit,” Wood said.

On Wednesday, Federal District Judge Orinda Evans ruled that the case could move forward, even ruling that she found that CNN may have acted with “actual malice” with the report — a standard necessary to prove a defamation claim.

“The Court finds these allegations sufficient to establish that CNN was acting recklessly with regard to the accuracy of its report, i.e., with ‘actual malice,” the order reads. CNN had tried to get the case dismissed.
Read whole story here.
CNN is clearly becoming the poster child for fake news.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Fake news, Democracy and freedom's mortal enemy?

There is an obvious effort by the opposition, specially when the left or liberals don't get their way, including their controlled media, to push false stories, knowing full well, that most people who do watch them only see one side...With this policy they believe they can "control" what people think...
This is clearly apparent in most main stream media, cnn, msnbc, bbc, cbc, ctv, global, so on...
Outside of FN,FBN, you just can't get the other side of the story, so people only get fake news and we can't blame them for their opinions, though when you ask them if they do listen to the other side and mention fox news, the answer you get is exactly what they hear from the same news stations that tell them what to believe and what to think.... One just has to shake one's head at that situation.

We seen a lot of fake news as of late, Trump is a nazi or a fascist, Trump is a Manchurian candidate, Trump is a Russian plant, or what a friend told me the other day, "he's going to start world war 3".
First if anyone would look at President Trumps past, he's certainly not a right winger, of fascist, he had more women executive than men, has all races working for his businesses, and as for him starting ww3, when someone makes that kind of statement they don't understand the American constitution and form of government.
People should stop acting like sheeples and get extremely angry, what the media is doing is lying to them and basically telling them, they do not respect their vote and choices, and only would IF people vote and install the ones they accept and want in power....

Fox, has their own lefties, many of them, Geraldo Riviera, Shepard Smith, Juan Williams, and quite a few more, some of which have left like Megan Kelly and Greta van Susteren...
Watch the other news stations, all have a round table of so call commentators who are viciously anti-Trump, how is that fair reporting, how can anyone believe anything they say since there is no...equal representation and an fair debate? Sometimes they do have someone but usually it's a never-trumper...

The so call leaders of the left are so rabid they are loosing their train of thought, Nancy Pelosie can't tell the difference between President Trump and Bush, or Maxine Walters claiming Russia invaded Korea...
Or when the democrats ran to the media room to claim General Mike Flynn had tweeted he was a scapegoat forced to resign...Problem is, it was a fake tweet....
These "mistakes" happen when you so dislike even hate someone, you'll loose all sense of reality.

The latest fake new is most of the main stream media claimed the Trump administration was going to use the National Guard to round up illegal immigrants, which Chuck Schumer jumped on...Again,Not true

These people who "claim" to represent voters, don't even have the smarts to check to see if it's true before they open their yaps....

We are seeing the same path here in Canada, M.P. Kellie Leitch who wants to make sure immigrants are vetted for Canadian values, or Kevin O'Leary a businessman which they try to convince us that he is a Trump-lite. Both running for the conservative party leadership. Both enemies of the left wing media, specially at the cbc...
The rest of the bunch running for leadership are so elitists, calling themselves "progressive" which means...liberal,  they should be in that political party, some even support and would continue the liberals carbon tax...as if we are not taxed enough, not to mention the hydro bill, it's so bad, families can't afford food and heat at the same time.

They are even trying to pass a bill where it would be illegal to criticize Islam, if you can't criticize or debate an issue, that's call population control, and it's only a start if they succeed. Remember? Keep religion out of governments and schools? Who knew they only meant Christianity!!!

The point is...all this is a reversal of the freedoms we use to enjoy, the slow death of democracy...
As I tried to explain a friend, it's not about the person (President Trump), it's about sending a message, that we have had enough. We see this happening all over the western world...
By grouping the population the elitist has created radicalism on all sides, we now have so many of them that they have to protect them one by one, by taking away universal freedoms...
The future we all dreamed of is been controlled by hate and division, grouping and racism, ironically it's not the majority of people who are responsible for this, but elitists, media and their blind followers, for power and financial gains...
Think about it, most of us care less about a persons color, creed, political leanings, we just want to be left in peace to love and provide for those around us, this is been done by a very small minority...
And history shows when all hell breaks loose it is usually started by the a minority...

Friday, February 17, 2017

The feminst and mangina syndrome in a nutshell !

Ironic isn't it...feminism and her weak mangina's existence and their right to speak,
Totally depends on the strength of men like this...
That must really burn their britches...

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Canadian Black Lives Matter Leader Says White People Have ‘Recessive Genetic Defects’-Sub-human.

The co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto, Yusra Khogali, says that white people suffer from “recessive genetic defects,” according to a report from the Toronto Sun.

In a private Facebook post from 2015 obtained by the Toronto Sun, Khogali said that “white ppl are recessive genetic defects. this is factual.”

“White ppl need white supremacy as a mechanism to protect their survival as a people because all they can do is produce themselves. black ppl simply through their dominant genes can literally wipe out the white race if we had the power to,” she continued.

Khogali bases her theory on the idea that “white people have a higher concentration of enzyme inhibitors that suppress melanin production.”

She argues that melanin is linked to high levels of fertility, strong bones, and the strength of the nervous system, making black people the “first and strongest of all humans,” whose “genetics are the foundation of all humanity.”

Last April, Khogali posted a tweet asking “Allah” to stop her from killing men and white folks,” which she later deleted.
Here's more...
Black Lives Matter co-founder appears to label white people ‘defects’,Sub-human
Could you just imagine if this was said by a white-man about the black race..(not that it hasn't). 
They want to be treated the same as all sacred races and so they should but if they copy the past, to get revenge, isn't this going back and promoting resentment, even hate?
And if people like her say this about one race they hates, how long till they target another once they are done with this one?
Point is, one can be different than the one next to you, just don't "impose" your ways on another, if one wants to be accepted, be yourself, don't try to force others to be you.
History shows clearly, when one tries to force another to adopt their way of thinking, hatred is usually behind it.
In those cases...nobody wins.
Opposing or criticizing for the benefit of all is fine, but if racism is the hidden agenda...well...
Want to know more???
Ask an Indian.

The N.C. Chronicles offers information, a path for you to investigate and  to inform yourself, do not take our post as final...investigate.
Freedoms and democracy depend on an inform population

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

’60 Minutes’ Wanted to Prove Muslim Refugees ‘Peaceful’ – Blows Up in Their Face

WATCH – ’60 Minutes’ Wanted to Prove Muslim Refugees ‘Peaceful’ – Blows Up in Their Face

Every liberal in our county wants people to believe Muslims refugees pose no threat to our country, but they are all about to find out that is just a blatant lie.

A 60 Minutes crew went to Sweden to do a feel-good piece about the wonderful impact Muslim refugees from places like Syria have had on the nation. What the camera lens caught instead was a violent attack on the reporter and news crew.

The journalists were forced to duck for cover after the Muslim refugees brutally attacked them and forcefully threw objects at them. It does not seem assimilating into the culture of their new land is at all a priority for the Muslim refugees in Sweden, or in many other European countries who laid out the welcome mat for them. This is the truth that we need to spread so real patriots know the truth about the people liberals want to allow into our country.
Read the rest here.
The problem liberals don't seem to understand, or don't want to is this...
It's fine to help others, after all we are all human beings...that said, when you bring to many at one time, like what Sweden and others did, they don't have time to assimilate, some don't want to. They take over a neighborhood and the only thing they see or experience is their own culture...
It would be easier to bring a few at a time, spread them out throughout the country, this way instead of been surrounded by an enclave of where they came from, which they wanted to escape by the way, they would have to time, to learn the local customs...all-the-while learning to practice their own on a limited basis in their house, as long as they understand, treating women like dogs is not allowed even in the privacy of their own home.
Like the video clearly points to, they do not have the incentive to learn the language and unemployment sets it, this is what makes it so destructive, resentment sets in on both sides and you have...a Sweden with all it's problems and riots.
Then again, liberals are not known for their rational thinking, they only see this as potential votes and power base, to be patted on the back, without realizing that most of these people who come from the third world to be extreme conservatives,,,anti-woman, anti-gay, so on...
In Canada for instance we have someone who claims to be a feminist, goes to a mosque, to promote islam, where, in his own words, the "sisters are parked in the back"...not allowed to sit with the men in front...
Even if women's organizations in Iran asked them to show solidarity but not doing so... So much for feminists idea of women's rights...
And what do the snowflakes, feminists and manginas say about all this, absolutely nothing, but if it was the other way around, imagine if conservatives would promote women sitting in the back while on a visit to a mosque...Oh boy, sh*t would hit the fan.

The point is, when the left brings in massive amounts, like Sweden and Germany did for instance, it blows up in their faces, as we can see with 60 minutes, but they either don't care or have that puppy in a safe room feeling that everyone thinks like them...

Now because of them we have demands of sharia law in neighborhoods, no go zones, all of which is contrary to western civilization, and as for women's rights? Under those circumstances who is reversing them,,,Trumps or left wing policies?
That is something you have to look into yourself, as for the rest of us, there is no debate.
Feminism and left wingers are following their policies not to make thing better, (specially for women and girls) but for power.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Here is your green energy for ya! An inconvenient truth?

South Australia Heatwave Wind Power Collapse, Rolling Blackouts

Green Energy Is Causing Power Shortages In Europe During An Awful Winter

Not only is green energy making living unaffordable, costing jobs, misery, but now it's causing power shortages...
But hey, who cares about kids, disabled and seniors, at least we have wind mills to cool down the summer heat.

According to  left-wing liberal logic this is all good and and life is all rainbows and kittens.
And if one dares to complaint....
 While you freeze and collapse due to heat exhaustion.. 

Technology allows for the burning of clean coal, oil, natural gas, forcing this green stuff on all of us, is not necessary, neither is freezing to death or dying of heat exposure, but at least we are helping countries like China and India, build more dirty power plants by reducing our carbon footprint, not to mention carbon taxes which are really there to collect more money for governments who spend (usually on themselves) like drunken sailors our tax dollars.

That's what happens when you have...

If that's not enough the left always has the media to tell people what to think and believe...

Friday, February 10, 2017

'Sharia Patrols' Harassing Citizens in London, Belgium, Sweden

This isn't "fake news" this is from 60 minutes.
Could you imagine? In your neighborhood...
I would not recommend they try this in some neighborhoods...
But hey, it's a free country...
Here is a suggestion...
Don't try that sh*t with our women, you won't like their reaction...
They are not sjw's or feminists, or left wing snowflakes, they don't have to be..
Hell, we men don't even f*ck with them

Thursday, February 9, 2017

“Islamophobia”: guess where???

Kuwait imposes visa ban on five Muslim-majority nations, including Pakistan
“The Kuwaiti Government has asked would-be migrants from the five banned nations not to apply for visas, as Kuwait City is worried about the possible migration of radical Islamic terrorists.”
But the U.S. is not allowed to have a similar concern. That would be racist! Islamophobic! Hateful!
This action by the Kuwaiti government neatly reveals the absurdity of such objections.

“Kuwait imposes visa ban on five Muslim-majority nations including Pak,” ANI, February 2, 2017:
Following the Muslim ban in the U.S., Kuwait has now suspended the issuance of visas for travellers native to Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.
Tourism, trade, and visitor visas from the above mentioned nations have been restricted following an order from the Kuwaiti Government to slap a “blanket ban” on possible migrants, according to Sputnik News.
The Kuwaiti Government has asked would-be migrants from the five banned nations not to apply for visas, as Kuwait City is worried about the possible migration of radical Islamic terrorists.
A group of militants bombed a Shia mosque in 2015, killing 27 Kuwaiti nationals….
We will let you think and reflect on this...IRONY...
Where are all the sjw's and the lefty media in all this...won't see this at the cbc, or any left wing media outlet.
That's right, they only attack their own country and don't want to ...offend...muslim countries.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Syrian Refugee School Sex Assault...where are the feminists, women's shelter???

 A fourteen-year-old Canadian girl has been sexually assaulted by a Syrian migrant.
It was supposed to be a night of innocent fun and giddy excitement — her first high school dance — but for one girl at New Brunswick’s Fredericton High School, the night would go on to haunt her well after the last song was played.
The young girl’s mother (who asked that she and her daughter have their identities protected) reached out to TheRebel.Media.
She told us that her daughter was approached by two Syrian migrants who are enrolled at the Canadian high school. Both attempted to grind with the fourteen-year-old girl before one of the migrant students came up behind her, and aggressively touched her — her body and her breasts — before forcing his hand down her pants, touching her vagina from inside her underwear.
Through emails and a recorded phone interview, the Fredricton mother told me that, at first, Fredricton High School belittled reports of the sex assault against her daughter, and was told to consider things from the Syrian migrant’s perspective — to consider how western girls’ clothing has the potential to create cultural tension.
The girl’s mother informed me that the the police were aware of the sex assault and that she had hoped to press charges; however, following a questionable interaction between the young girl and one detective, there is now no sign that charges will be pressed.
According to the girl’s mother, the Syrian migrant student was suspended for just one week and is now back at school — with her daughter. Meantime, the 14-year-old girl has missed several weeks worth of school and is now seeing a mental health professional to help her cope with the trauma.
And it would seem this young girl isn't alone. Her mother told me that there have been complaints from other girls, too. More reports of “Syrian boys groping and touching girls’ breasts and trying to touch girls’ vaginas at previous school dances.”
She also told me that the much older Syrian students at FHS are permitted to attend school dances, which she describes as “unfair to the younger students.” But, for reasons unclear to her, the issues — despite being well known — are not being reported.
Now, Rebel Media sought to verify the sex assault allegations before presenting this young girl’s story to you. And so, we followed up with the school. We filed an access to information request. We informed Fredricton High School of our tip and asked that they provide any information regarding the alleged sexual assault in question.
We received shy of one dozen pages of email transactions between teachers and school administrators, all of which authenticated our source’s story.
Over the course of the past eight months, I have presented a dozen reports, based on over three thousand pages of documents, covering five different Canadian provinces on the topic of Syrian students abusing their peers.
In our ongoing investigation into allegations of abuse and sexual harassment perpetrated by Syrian migrant students on Canadian children, these stories out of FHS were some of the most disturbing. Some two-thousand and seven hundred pages of email transactions between teachers, administrators, and school board members painted a picture of ongoing physical abuse and sexual harassment within their walls:
Syrian men in their twenties enrolled in the high school, successfully hitting on the much younger girls; requests for gender segregation and prayer spaces; expressions of excitement over the Brussels bombings and hobbies that included rocket propelled grenades.
It’s happening. There’s evidence, evidence that we here at TheRebel.Media have made publicly available. Every page of every Access to Information request we’ve filed is posted in full on our website.
And yet, there is a country-wide cone of silence on the subject.
If you believe in our journalism and want to see the full list of my reports on the subject of Syrian migrant students bullying, harassing, and abusing their Canadian peers, VISIT SchoolyardScandal.com.
And, if you or someone you know has a story of their own, send us a note at tips@therebel.media. We'll look into your claim and, if it's true, we'll tell your story.
Because, unlike the mainstream media, we here at The Rebel won't ignore the young girls and boys who are ultimately being affected by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's sloppy Syrian refugee policy.
This is NOT about been against anyone, but the protection of our young people, specially the girls, against any kind of sexual assaults. Why is it only the rebel media has the courage to print this? 
Where are all the S.J.W's???
If these "refugees" cannot show respect for our way of life, then they should be "helped" to return to a place where their ways are the norm, Saudi Arabia for instance, oh that's right the Saudis doesn't want them nor do they accept any muslim refugees...

Question is? Where is the government's state own media in all this THE CBC,  or those feminists who always try to demean, demonize, attack, western men???
F*cking hypocrites.
Sh*it, if anyone would do this to one of my daughters.............
Where are the men and fathers??? 
Is it possible that men, husbands, fathers, brothers, have given up their right to protect their families to the state??? 
If so...well the word mangina comes to mind...

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Trump Responds To Berkeley Riots With 3 DEVASTATING Words…

President Trump responded to last night’s violent protests at UC-Berkeley first thing this morning, and he’s not kidding around (via BizPacReview).
Protests quickly turned into riots yesterday evening as activists condemned a scheduled appearance by Milo Yiannopolous, a conservative speaker and news editor at Breitbart.
Check it out:
Left-wing fascists claiming to be anti-fascist turned to violence to shut down the event, beating supporters in the streets, throwing Molotov cocktails and smashing glass all around.
…with little interference from campus police — UC Berkeley reported no arrests as of 9:30 p.m.
Trump posted a comment on Twitter suggesting it may be time to go after the purse of colleges who refuse to allow speech other than progressive left-wing ideology.
 Donald J. Trump
If U.C.Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view-no federal funds?

This is no joke.
UC-Berkeley received $370 million last year from the federal government—and that was just for research.
Talking about hitting them where it hurts.
How’s that for “becoming ungovernable”?

As for anti democratic stupidity...
Unhinged Comedian Calls For Military Coup To Overthrow President Trump
The unhinged Hollywood left is at it again.
On Wednesday evening comedian and actress Sarah Silverman called for a military coup to overthrow President Donald Trump.
In a tweet written in all capital letters, Silverman exhorted people to "join the resistance" and claimed that the military should join them and overthrow "fascists." Silverman bizarrely ended her rant with four heart emojis.
Why is this important you may ask?
Whatever side you are on politically, if you want your point of view respected, you must accept the other side to have their say. Such is trues democracy and freedom of speech..
For to long now the left has had their way to prevent and attack free speech and it must me stopped by all means in order to protect the rights of the people to hear both side, otherwise we are headed in the wrong direction.
Let's get one thing straight here, it's the left, who at one time where the defender of free speech, specially places of learning, who are now going in the direction of totalitarianism, "one way, their way and no other way of thinking is allowed," not only in their ranks but according to them, all of us...
With everything going on lately with the demonstrations  they have shown their hand, they will NOT accept loosing an election, and in order to stay in power they will dictate to all of us, that we must vote for them or else?
They better be careful, they are the minority in their thinking, people have had enough of their radical B.S. and if the majority decides they have had enough...well...
For this to happen at universities does not bode well for the future.

Monday, February 6, 2017

President Trump Personally Flies to Honor Fallen Soldier

 On Monday, Department of Defense identified the Navy Seal killed in a raid on al Qaeda militants, in Yemen, as CPO William “Ryan” Owens.
Just minutes ago, President Donald Trump departed from the White House on Marine One but did not initially announce where he was heading. As the media began to have a meltdown, it was revealed that he is, in fact, heading to honor the remains of war hero: Ryan Owens.
Trump’s trip to honor the soldier was not part of his schedule. He did not want the visit to be reported until after he was at Delaware’s Dover Air Base. His daughter, Ivanka Trump, accompanied him.
 Donald Trump is truly a man of the people, and he has a heart for America and our military. You wouldn’t have ever caught Obama on such missions.
Source and credits
That's how a true leader acts! Are you watching snowflakes?

Friday, February 3, 2017

Promoting euthanasia, a way to save money???

Doctor-assisted suicide could save Canada up to $139 million each year, Alberta study suggests
Doctor-assisted suicide could save Canada tens of millions of dollars annually by avoiding costly “end-of-life” care, according to a provocative new analysis.
When the talks began about the euthanasia bill, we pointed out that this was about saving money...
Seems we where right...
In the article some try hard to deny it...but 2+2 still equals 4.
The elitists can give themselves raises at the expense of taxpayers, golden retirement package after serving 6 years in government, take lavish vacation, give out billions to foreign countries on top of what we already donate, pay themselves $4million a year to run Ontario hydro...
Yet when it comes to caring for the elderly and the disabled, they pretend they care by coming up with this euthanasia excuse in order to save money...
Want to save money, look at what they (elite) take and fix that first. Their claim is always that they are worth it or it attracts better people...wrong...elitists hiring elitists smacks of corruption and self entitlements...
There are plenty of people out there who would serve "the people" even if the pay would be small, look at the president on the u.s., he refuses to take the salary.
And they wonder why we, the people, don't want them anywhere near power anymore?

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ontario hydro...if this doesn't concern you,,, congrats your a liberal...pt2

Lindsay Ambeault, Sault Saint-Marie, Ont.
My husband and I have four children. One with autism. We have had to learn to eat only using $200 a month. Two of our children are in diapers – imagine the cost. We get the disconnection notice EVERY month and are behind approximately $1,000. I feel as though we work just to pay PUC. It is ridiculous!
Matt Grassie, Peterborough, Ont.
I live just outside the city of Peterborough Ont., and I am impacted greatly by the cost of hydro.
My bills are OVER $600 a month, but I have seen bills in recent years over $1,000 a month. I have suffered disconnections in the past, the worst one being on Remembrance Day while I was at the Remembrance Day Service paying my respects (I am a Canadian Forces Veteran). Even with the banks closed, I managed to get them their money. They took two days to reconnect me. We are on electric heat, and our water pipes nearly froze because of sub-zero temperatures.
Gisele Gould, Seagrave, Ont.
My husband had a massive stroke five years ago and I am his only caregiver. I went for a rest, which I needed desperately, and while I was gone we had a problem with our propane heat. My husband’s caregiver (whom I had to pay) had to use electric heat, or they would have froze.
My bill for that month was $800. We are seniors and live on a fixed income. I have been trying to catch up ever since. This is unacceptable.
Andre Richards, Sutton, Ont.
We’re ready to be shut off over a $588 bill. We live north of Toronto in a small town. We haven’t been able to pay our bill in two months. Had the cut off letter last week. My wife pretended to make a payment to avoid disconnection and buy time until next Friday when she gets paid.
We have five children, two remain at home. Didn’t put in the A/C this year for fear of using too much hydro. I’m on CPP disability as I’m in remission from cancer. In the winter we use our wood burning stove because we shut our breakers off as we have baseboard heaters. Next week we’ll pay our bill and buy maybe $50 worth of food to hopefully survive.
Patricia Peluso, Sebright, Ont.
In the three years since my husband passed away, I have paid approximately $20,000 in electricity for our cottage. This winter we shut off everything, with the exception of one baseboard heater, so not to freeze the hot water heater. Our energy usage was $292 for January to March, three months, not unreasonable. Our delivery charges were $986. With other fees and charges the bill totaled $1,367.
I have had to put it up for sale, and currently have it rented. I just can’t afford the electric cost anymore. Although this is not a home, and only our cottage, it is our family cottage, and was a favorite place of my late husband.
Satpal Channa, Dufferin, Ont.
I live in Dufferin County and have been struggling to pay my hydro bill for the last four years. My bill averages $400 a month in the summer and $650 in the winter. I have a ten-year-old who is not allowed to play any video games or watch TV.
We sit in the dark on most days or use candle light. In the winter we huddle by the fireplace with heavy clothes and blankets and barely switch on the furnace. On most days, it seems like I am living in a third world country. I have been disconnected twice in the past. I have written to my MP and Kathleen Wynne, and got no response from them.
Carole Legault, Azilda, Ont.
I pay $660 a month in hydro on equal billing. My bill keeps increasing. I’m so stressed and upset about it. I have been working more and spending less time with my kids to pay my hydro bill. I’ve been less patient with my family due to the added stress caused by the high cost of hydro.
To conserve the hydro use I now hang all my laundry on the clothes line. I unplugged my clothes dryer to ensure that nobody uses it. I keep reminding my kids to close the lights. We cook on the BBQ to avoid a higher hydro cost.
We heat our house with wood, but would love to have some additional heat due to the extreme cold weather we get during the winter months. Instead we cover up with extra blankets.
We have three kids and struggle to buy food. I make a good income so we don’t qualify for subsidies. Yet we are struggling.
Jason Ladouceur, Parry Sound, Ont.
We bought our house three years ago. Since then Hydro One has taken every penny we have, including our son’s education fund! We can’t keep up and are waiting any day now for them to cut us off!
It’s a fear we’ve been facing for years now, at the brink of leaving everything behind. We’ve installed a wood stove, but with no power to run our water I don’t think we could make it through this winter.
We owe them over $4,000. And even paying them $500 a month, it still keeps adding up, with $500, $600, $700 bills per month.
Alex Isajev, Bobcaygeon, Ont.
I’m on ODSP. I’ve had my hydro threatened to be cut off. Not long ago, a worker from Hydro One was in my driveway ready to disconnect. Scared the heck out of me! I explained that I called the Leap program and have been in touch with Hydro One.
I had an organ transplant. I know I have to eat properly, but it’s come down to eating and having my lights on now. Scared.

These are personal horror stories, now take a moment to understand how this affects businesses and jobs in Ontario...
But hey, what's important to them is how our values is to bring in as many refugees as we can, by-passing any help for those who are citizens.
Where is all this money you over-pay goes to you may ask?
Guess they don't have problem paying their hydro bill...

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ontario hydro...if this doesn't concern you,,, congrats your a liberal...pt1

Want change? Join us: www.unplugwynne.com/petition
We are loosing jobs, seniors have to decide between food or meds, families have to choose between heat or eat, we give out billions for foreign aid on top of what we already give...
Yet people still vote for those according to who they are instead of policies that benefits them...