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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What men do...

Heroes dive into canal and save mother and her toddler from her sinking car after she drove it into the water in Amsterdam

Mother and her toddler were trapped in a sinking vehicle in a Dutch canal
 Four men dived in to help rescue the terrified pair stuck inside the car
 The rescuers have been praised as heroes after freeing the two people
 The mother and toddler are now in hospital and thought to be doing now

Heroic man dives into freezing Yarra river to rescue mother and toddler after falling from cruise boat

Heroic man performs dramatic rescue, saving a mother and her child after they fell into the Yarra river in Melbourne
The three year old and her mother were on a cruise boat at Southbank
The fellow passenger stripped down to jump into the water, using a life buoy to drag them to the dock
Mum and daughter both taken to hospital for observations

We could put up so many other examples, but you get the point.

And what do feminist think of men?
Nuff said!

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