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Friday, January 6, 2017

The fall of the western world through weakness of leadership.

Cubans in Miami denounce Trudeau's statement
Ted Cruz blast Trudeau for praising Fidel Castro: ‘Tell that to the people in the prisons’

As a leader, one must never put his or her personal "admiration" of dictators before the nations, his person's lack of experience in these matters is obvious. Everyone is allowed their opinions, it's called free speech, but with it comes the right to oppose and debate.
From praising a communist dictator, which goes against democracy and freedoms, to sending billions overseas on top of what we generously give out just to have a spot in the screwed up united nations and their globalism policies, 
while people can't afford their hydro bills because of misguided green policies.

If the left globalists think they have total control over politics I strongly recommend they look at what happened in the recent American elections, and take a peak at what's going on in the European political system.
To be honest I don't know what to think anymore, specially when it comes to politics, seems like we have reached the bottom of the barrel when it comes to elitist professional establishment politicians.
They are so out of touch with reality that they believe they are infallible and in total control to a point where they are above the law and can do anything they want.
It's not the Trumps of this world who scare me, it's those who create a world of snowflakes who can't handle real life and need safe rooms, play-dough and puppies to calm their emotional difficulties, all the while our enemies look, laugh and relish our own self impose downfall.
One cannot protect freedoms with that kind of society in a world gone mad with hate.
This all started with the idiotic concept of feminism and their supporters like (I am a feminist) tinkerbell up there, whose idealism is based of the hatred and demonization of real men, the very gender who assures and protect their freedom to spew their crap and divisive nature.
Some of us have a feel for reality, we look at the world and the path it's taken and we know this is not going to end well, nor will it empower the planet to hold hands and sign cumbaya in a circle of happiness and flowers, it's not human nature, (for the moment).
In order to protect a family and a community, one must be aware that the freedom of the individual depends on one's surroundings and who is a threat to that freedom...
Trying to make the male population into a bunch of crying snowflakes does not ensure democracy, it destroys it.
Sure, we all have daughters, wives, sisters, mothers, but in order for them to be free to pursue their dreams,
they need the masculine male willing to put his life on the line to protect that right, it's not a nation of snowflakes and cupcakes who are going to do it.
The clintons and trudeaus of this world live in a land of make believe, surrounded by people who kiss their arses and tell them yes all the time. One just has to take a realistic look at this world to see, things are not exactly as rosy as they claim it to be and are the very weakness the enemies of democracy look for.

What I'm trying to say is;
Who makes you feel safe?
The feminist, mangina, snowflake, cupcakes in need of a safe place and crying room?

 Or us?
Choose carefully, your freedom  and that of the next generation depends on it.

In closing;
As a First Nation site, we fully understand and remember what happens when we do not defend our society against an invasive one and weak leadership. Accepting a different society than ours, and letting them impose their will on us.
Peace and understanding ruled the land before the europens, contrary to what their history books tells you.
Some even had human rights and a constitution (Iroquois Confederacy), long before they did.
Sure we had our difficulties, but many had ways to resolve problems before conflict arised.
For instance;
The western Nation "coup stick". The degree of bravery was measured when a warrior touched the enemy with the coup stick, without doing harm to the enemy and without being harmed himself, and living to tell about it later.
The game of Lacrosse.
The Native American games were seen as major events, which took place over several days.They were played over huge open areas between villages.
These avoided all out war, and in some cases if there was an argument between nations, then the victor would be declared the winner of said argument.
Spirituality, love of family and friends, respect for all life and nature, all this was around when some where still in caves.
All this was lost because one imposed his will on another, weak leaders who co-operated instead of defending, by the time the numbers where against us, it was to late.
We are still, to this day trying to pick up the pieces.
A Great Peace if fine, but how will it survive even flourish, if one is not willing to defend it?
There are rules in life, men and women are not the same, both have their individual gifts and strengths, one enhances the other, together with their differences makes for a better world, if they accept each others place in the circle. One is not more important than the other.
If men and women try to imitate each other, then nature is unbalanced, and you have weakness and confusion which now rule the west.

The N.C. Chronicles only offers opinions and information, the rest is up to you to research.

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