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Monday, January 2, 2017

SJW"s, feminists and snowflakes having a stupid moment about a movie called "Passengers"

Chris Pratt Slammed for Being Sexist in New Space Movie ‘Passengers’

Passengers was supposed to be the biggest Christmas hit save for Rogue One. But advance word on the space drama starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt is not good.

The pair star as hibernating passengers on board Avalon, a commercial space liner journeying to a planet called Homestead II, located 120 years away from earth. Pratt’s character Jim’s pod malfunctions 30 years into the journey and he wakes up Lawrence’s character Aurora from cryogenic sleep, duping her that she too has been the victim of a pod malfunction.

Social media movie social justice warriors are taking strong exception to the plot of the film revolving around a man disrupting a woman’s life, accusing the movie of being sexist and perpetuating male fantasies and featuring misogynistic snatches of dialogue such as when Lawrence’s character Aurora asks Pratt’s character Jim, “What do we do now?”

Jo Wright @kvetchup
I just saw Passengers, and it was so utterly stupid (and sexist) that it made me angry while I was watching it. Please see Arrival instead

 mel(anie). ❄️ @likewatercress
re: magnificent seven: are we really just gonna see film after film with chris pratt playing 'lovable misogynist'

 Kristy Puchko @KristyPuchko
Passengers is some incredibly sexist bullshit. My review's coming.

The Guardian wrote of Pratt’s character: “He is still the perv who practically frotteured himself against a woman’s sleep pod before stealing her life to be his chosen playmate.”
Metro film critic Matt Prigge called out Passengers for being “one sick male fantasy — essentially a tale of rape in which the victim learns to love her rapist…in space, no one can hear you recommend Hollywood execs read basic feminist literature.”
Glenn Kenny, critic for RogerEbert.com slammed the film as “spectacularly sexist” while Film School Rejects lashes out at “Passengers’ deep contempt for its female protagonist, and by extension, women everywhere.”
First, to all you sjw and radical feminist idiots.... you lost, the world is sick of you, with the election of Trump and more like him to come, specially in Europe, you are now insignificant and "contained".

Second, you bunch of sub-intellectual lower lifeforms marmosets, Chris Pratt is acting, reading a script, written by someone else...
In other words, since you can't tell the difference between reality and make believe...
Let me inform you...

Is everyone else sick of these clowns or is it just me?

The best way to handle these bozos is to point them out and expose their stupidity.

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