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Monday, January 30, 2017

Good vs evil... who will have the last laugh

If this pisses me off I'm a "bigot, fascist, intolerant, extreme, and despicable"...right everyone?

I have a philosophy in life...it's simple...
Avoid testing life and spirituality....One never knows until one gets there?
Our Spirituality is always tested by the forces of evil, and this king of thing is a tool it uses to incite us to follow a different path than what we are truly capable of.
Not saying anyone is evil, everyone has the right to chose, but some are used as tools to lure people into it's camp. They are just to dumb to realize it.
That said...personally, i don't think I would test the waters the way this one does.
Whatever your belief, whether spiritual of not, there is good and evil, it does exist, and hell is a representation of evil, if we normalize hell as nothing more than a non-existent entity, or a joke, then doing evil thing would be normalized for thethose who have no remorse or conscience... and that puts people in jeopardy.
Specially the young.

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