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Friday, January 13, 2017

Canada's shame...The treatments of it's vets. And it's people. Changing the Anthem.

At least 2,250 of Canada’s veterans are homeless due to alcoholism, drugs and mental health, study finds

Thousands of refugees.
The government is putting these people up in hotels and allowing them 60 dollars a day for food!!
Free hydro
Free rent
Free access to the arts
Some are even given free phones...
So on..
The Syrians are also being fast tracked into available government jobs and the public sector is urged to hire immigrants!

In the meantime...
‘It looks likes a refugee camp’: Inside the Victoria park where about 100 homeless moved into huts and tents
Kids going to school hungry
Elderly choosing between food or meds
The poor having to choose hydro or rent
Food bank can't keep up
Lack of affordable housing
Increase waiting time in hospitals

But hey, we have someone running thing that Jezebel web site calls; he is non-controversially f*ckable.
He gave out billions in foreign aid in the first months in office, on top of what we already give.
And here comes the first budget, "Sorry Canada, but because of the previous government, you will have to tighten your belts?"

We are been pushed aside by our allies,  even laughed at, and yet some who live in fairyland claims Canada is back...
Back to what, A country that elects it's leaders on their looks instead of policies, where they abuse their own to get a pat on the back from "God knows who?"

Now... they are bringing in "some" people who treat their women worse than we treat our dogs, yet they claim the mantle of feminism and women's rights....
A little contradiction there isn't it?

But hey...
Let's deal with what's really important, like changing the national anthem...
Liberal MP launches fresh bid to get ‘in all thy sons command’ out of O Canada to make it more gender neutral
What gender protects a countries borders, security and well being, the rights of children, elderly and especially women to be free to be what and who they want, an army of feminist and manginas, or it's sons?
Let's show a little respect for the 99.9% of those who fought and died in the past, under the banner of "all thy sons command" there is enough respect for all gender to go around.

The point is this,
My (Our) Grandfather did not fight the Nazis
to have this said about him; (Them)
Neither do the men who provide for them to have a good life, protect their security and rights to say such B.S. enjoy the idea of been called rapists, potential rapists, abuser or whatever.

The reason why people with no self respect can do this is because of "All thy son's command"...
And the reason why "normal women with self respect" can be whatever they want to be is, again, because of;
Get something straight, the reason we live in a fairly good society is not because of the feminist and her mangina, but because of MEN. We don't want to rule the world or tell you what to think, just show a little respect for "all this son's command", after all the life you do live is because of them, not those who pander to the ones who call us...rapists and animals...
 If I may...
Those who want to change "All thy son's command" in order to pander to the micro minority (feminists) that calls men...
RAPISTS AND ABUSERS. Behind their backs.

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