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Friday, January 20, 2017

BLM, pride parade Toronto, prevent Police from participating in parade.

 Pride board has yet to meet about member vote to support Black Lives Matter demands

The Toronto Pride Board of Directors has yet to meet and discuss membership support of BLM demands, which include removing police floats and booths from all marches, parades and community spaces.

Most of Pride's membership has agreed to endorse demands made by Black Lives Matter Toronto when they stopped the 2016 Pride parade, but no one is sure what this means for the future of police participation — including the police.

The demands included removing police floats and booths from all marches, parades and community spaces.

The vote was held during Pride’s annual general meeting Tuesday night.

Newly-elected Pride board member Akio Maroon said Wednesday night that although the board hasn’t even had a chance to meet and discuss the next steps, Maroon personally intends to honour the membership’s wishes moving forward.

“(In my opinion) the board takes its direction from the membership, and the membership has been very clear on where and what they want the board to do … a complete follow-through on Black Lives Matter’s demands,” Maroon said.
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We have criticized individuals in the police force before and will continue on bringing bad behavior inside their ranks, but all of us understand that without police community co-operation we would end up like neighborhoods in Chicago, Harlem and others..

The idea of bringing blm's left wing idealism in Canada is b.s., yes we have problems but not on the scale of other countries.  
What is ridiculous about that organization is they refuse to deal with their own problems in their own communities, drugs, guns, street gangs and divert it towards other for their own problems.
The very idea to demonize the law and order section of our society goes to show that their reality is based on hate. What do they really want, get rid of policing all together? 
While some of their neighborhoods no longer have policing, we see what the results are...
Broken families, out of control teens, guns, murders on a Chicago scale, so on.

As for Pride members, could they survive without policing in their communities, they better realize the realities of this world, without the police, society breaks down...
Like we said, sure there are "individuals" in the police forces who abuse their positions, but as a whole, most care about people and put their own lives on the line to protect and make sure people have a peaceful life.

BLM and now the pride board and members are attacking the very people who protect their rights, ironically, even their rights to spew out such crap.

And guess what; these "people" expect the police in Toronto to offer protection for their parade...

I remember reading an article where BLM told white people to stand in the back in a march, reminds us of some Black woman who refused to sit in the back of the bus in the 1960's doesn't it. The thing is, they are attacking the very people they depend on to live peacefully, they better remember they are a minority, and going too far can produce a backlash...

We have a free society, people can behave according to their own idealism, even if this idealism is contrary and idiotic.

So, people in Toronto in return for this stupidity should boycott this "parade", out of respect and support for those who keep the peace in our society.

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