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Thursday, December 15, 2016

White Women Are Getting Fed Up. Feminists new target...White women?

Guess the first thought out of the snowflakes would be to declare this... racist..
Of course, White women have no right to go outside the left wing narrative clearly adopted by the radical feminists.
Next thought would be why aren't the feminists screaming about what these ladies talk about?
Last but not least, why are some MEN allowing this to happen to women?
How is that demonstration against abuse on women going while some (manginas) are wearing skirts?
Do the ladies feel secure and safe when they see their men wearing skirts?

Put you big boy pants on, our daughters need us.
We always said; Masculine males are a necessity, to make sure women have the right to be what they want, working or stay at home mom, and to feel safe doing it...
Seems to us, since this safe space, puppy petting, play-dough snowflake society the left and the feminists have tries to impose on people is harming women, which is having a backlash against all those man-hating feminists...
And by the way, about white women..
The feminist cause was betrayed by white American women
Is it us or are the feminists turning against, back-stabbing, blaming white women for the mess "they" made?

We hope some are waking up to the reality that without the strong masculine male, balance doesn't exist.
No man wants to put women in cages, as the feminist taking point seems to point to.
Take away the natural balance of life, what men are really here for, (to provide and protect) and many will suffer because of it...
Men in the west are showing weakness, and some will take advantage of it...
Unless you haven't notice, the world is getting more dangerous not better...
Who suffers first in a weakened society? Men? Or women children and elders?

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