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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

CBC and friends tries to blame Trump for rising food prices and failed left wing economic policies.

The average Canadian family may need to dish out as much as $420 more for food next year — and consumers could have president-elect Donald Trump to thank for part of the price bump, the lead author of a new report says.
Canada's Food Price Report, published by researchers at Dalhousie University in Halifax, was released Monday evening.
The annual report, which looks ahead to 2017, cites weather disruptions caused by La Nina, energy-related costs — including the potential effect of carbon pricing on the agricultural sector — and a weak Canadian dollar as factors in the expected price hikes.
Economists forecast the loonie could fall as low as 70 cents US in 2017, and a weaker dollar would reduce the buying power of importers.
"Everything we actually import from everywhere will increase in price," says Sylvain Charlebois, lead author of the report.

'Trumped' at the grocery store

But Charlebois, who works with the faculties of management and agriculture at Dalhousie, suggests there's one more major factor that could contribute to the increase in food prices: the incoming U.S. president.
"We are expecting Canadian shoppers to be Trumped at the grocery store," said Sylvain Charlebois, lead author of the report.
The report suggests that if Trump's administration was somehow able to force all illegal workers to leave, the U.S. agriculture industry would be short by as many as two million workers.
"You're going to see a lot of farmers actually desperate to harvest anything," said Charlebois.
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CBC's bias is embarrassing. Won't blame Trudeau for the carbon price, lower dollar, (eventual hike in the gst?) that will increase the cost of everything for Canadians and make our economy even less competitive.

 First of all, Trump is "NOT" going to deport migrant workers, he said he would figure out what to do after he kicks out the criminal element of illegal immigration.
There is more than enough migrant workers in the U.S. to work on the farms. something the cbc seems to have forgot in this one sided left wing report.
The main culprit in the rise of food prices will be this ill advised carbon tax, which will be put on everything, (since everything you use is dependent on the oil sector) this is not to save the planet, it's for raising more revenues for their pet projects like green energy, foreign donations to Indonesia, Vietnam, the U.N., (just to name a few) , and to add more taxpayers money to hide the fact that their economic policies is bankrupting the whole western world.
Instead of medias like the CBC reporting the truth, they try to deviate reality in order to protect their favorite political party...in which case all this is called...propaganda.

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