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Friday, December 16, 2016

Amid rape epidemic, Finland's dangerously stupid PSA (feminists and their manginas) says use your mittens?

This is so stupid it's just beyond belief, they fail to mention the rape epidemic in Europe is not caused by one person, but usually a group, how is mittens going to protect women?
Then again, coming from feminist's, "we can do this without the help of men" policy and idealism, and their manginas, it's no surprise; they are putting women in danger.

Here is a suggestion, eliminate feminism, shame her mini skirt wearing mangina, never go out alone, surround yourself with real men, friends, boyfriend, brother, father, so on, preferable red necks, construction workers, bikers, vets, even cops, so on, believe it or not, we are the majority...These are the men who will pull your chair, open your door, protect your rights and kick the ass of anyone who tries to disrespect you.

But most importantly, recognize who put your safety, your freedoms in danger, those who tried to feminize the male population, the weak pink shirt, mini-skirt wearing sub-male of the species who claimed to be a feminist in order to hide his inferiority complex, the politician, who side-stepped your safety by bringing in those who think of women as property to do with as they wish, so they can get a few extra votes and cheap labor.

But most importantly, accept, that the opposite of the feminine female, their needs to be a masculine male, this does not mean you give up anything, we are not them, it simply means you are putting back the balance in the circle of life...
Both gender enhances each other and keeps one another on a path and road to normality, it also keeps the bad crap away. One without the other....well you can see what it caused.

Hope everyone has now realized, that the world is not exactly what these fools have been trying to push on you; singing kumbaya in a circle, throwing flowers, smoking pot and saying "peace and love" and men all bad. This has only shown weakness, and as one can plainly see, some will use it to their advantage...

Of course you could always wear mittens....see if that works...
Choice is yours...who do you prefer...who will protect your rights...and who would you rather have at your side when the time comes?


Or this...

Together with both gender working as one, recognizing each others gifts, respecting each others place in the circle of life is what creates a good environment for ourselves and for the generations to come...

In closing;
The safety of everyone specially women, children, elderly, depend on working together with "REAL" men and recognizing those whose idealism and hate are the ones who weakens us by grouping us like obedient sheeps.
We might not be able to rid ourselves of all evils in the world, but we can definitely make a dent and do better united than what's going on in the world created by weak minded people with a personal twisted misguided agenda.
Whether one is a feminist, mangina, an elitist or someone who needs safe spaces and puppies, their hypocrisy is, they need real men to defend their right to be or spew out the division they preach...and that my friends is an undeniable truth.

The N.C. Chronicles does not condemn or promote violence against any specific group,  we offer information and opinions.


Anonymous said...

I doubt I will dare help a Canadian woman that is being raped by a migrant for fear of being called racist.
Sad to say but I believe feminist's and the men that support them actually look forward to these migrant's coming here and doing the same,somehow it will be *different*.
Love and understanding and stuff like that.

Feminism is turning out to be the enemy of good women.


BlackWolf said...