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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Will "they" leave after Trump is elected President? lol..Not in a million years.

Who said they would leave if Trump wins election...
Was watching a few minutes of the view today, (yes I know, but we have to see what everyone says in order to understand), golberg said she never said she would leave, beg to differ, she did threaten to leave.
At 2.10 min..."maybe it's time for me to move"...

For fairness, can't find anything about behar ever saying she would leave...

But before they deny it here are some who did say it...
Al sharpton and raven simone

Here are others who said they would leave...(I'll let you research the rest)
B. streisand
B, cranston
M. cyrus
L. dunham
A. shumer
J. stewart
C. handler 
S.l. jackson
See them and more here

Let's face it, these hypocrites lied, or just made statements to "try to guide" people the way they want, actually believing they have more of an impact that they really do, they will never leave because of the money they do make in Hollywood.

Here is a small example of someone already changing her mind..."I accept you (Trump) as my president..."
While crying her ass off...

I'm sure not all will react like her, but you can be sure, they are not going anywhere, especially Jupiter. (cher) or south africa, (samuel  l. jackson). They love their money to much, and if they did leave, well...They know damn well they would pay for it.
Amy Schumer Says Vow to Leave Country if Trump Won Was a Joke
He!He!He!....why say it in the first place...anyway, afraid to loose ur place there amy.

As for them coming to Canada, here is someone who basically says what we all think...
Don Cherry tells ‘left wing kook’ Americans to stay home
“The left wing kook entertainers and the left wing weirdo’s (sic) in the media in the US have said if Trump wins the presidency they will move to Canada. Please, we have enough of these type here now.”

Anyway, like we said, these .... are not going anywhere..Big mouths with no style.
But...they do have the right to say these stupid things, thanks to what we all enjoy...freedom of speech.

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