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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What muslim clerics say about Christmas

So, they come over here, they won't accept our traditions, but we have to accept theirs when Ramadan comes around??? 
And they wonder why there is a backlash against Islam????
We are more than willing to respect theirs, if they respect ours, if they don't, why should we care about anything they say?
Isn't this "imposing" one's beliefs on another and if we go to where they are from, and wish everyone a Merry Christmas, do we risk getting stoned to death or will they accept our traditions the way they demand we accept theirs in our country?
The point is, what you do in your home is your business, such is the way of things here, but if you come to a Judeo-Christian country wanting freedom and safety, which you say you have escaped from yours, then respect the traditions of the land that welcomed you with open arms, otherwise resentment will set in...that can lead to hatred...
We will not "impose" our will on you, so don't you try to impose yours on us...

Now we understand the concept of freedom of speech, these 2 up there have the right to it, but we also have the right to debate and contradict their "opinions".
Also, to those who come here expecting to be free and have the right to religious freedom, it's never a sin to be polite and to recognize that the reason you do have all these rights is because of the taxpayers of said country who open their hearts and pocketbook to help you out.
Why would they escape a war torn country who is intolerant of different faction of Islam, just to bring said intolerance here, like those 2 are doing???

The N.C. Chronicles does not condemn anyone's way of life nor do we put all in one basket, but as a First Nation site, we fully understand what division and intolerance can lead to.
Our history is full of; "OUR WAY IS BETTER."
We are still suffering it's effect to this day.

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