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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Van Jones snaps at CNN commentator...the left in total meltdown.

This is his idea on respecting opposing views not to mention the disrespect he (left wing dumb-ass who accused Trump of hating women) shows to a woman because she does not hold his opinion?
These are the same people who accused anyone who did not support obama as been racist, and they have the balls to spew this shit? That's division to a point where they will be responsible for some nasty shit which could happen, or is happening right now in some American cities.
I must admit I never understood the left, specially lately,  
"We win, you must accept...you win, we will not accept"? 

Here is something to think about;
Donald Trump had; the establishment, both parties, the media and the elitists like soros against him and he still won.
Imagine his win, or his trues support if all these num-nuts would have been fair? 
His results would have been even more one sided. 

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