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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Trudeau government must tighten gun laws....Against legal gun owners???

During the Harper years not only was the long gun registry killed, but the Conservative government watered down other gun control measures. It’s time the Trudeau government reversed those measures and tightened gun control laws in general.
It’s hard to believe the former Conservative government could have watered down gun control legislation more than it did when it closed the long gun registry in 2012.

But it did. In the dying days of its government in 2015 it managed to pass Bill C-42, a law that made it tougher for police to keep a watchful eye over who buys guns by limiting the power of chief firearms officers. It also relaxed transport rules for guns and introduced a six-month amnesty for licence renewals, among other measures.

At the time, the Trudeau Liberals were campaigning on a platform that included promises to repeal some of the changes Bill C-42 ushered in and to introduce further efforts aimed at reducing gun crime in Canada.

It’s time the government acted on those promises to counter a worrisome increase in the number of firearms and a spike in gun crime.

As noted by Wendy Cukier, president of the Coalition for Gun Control, the number of restricted firearms, mostly handguns, has increased by 50 per cent over the last five years to about 795,000. And as she argues, it’s only logical that the more guns there are out there, the more chance some will end up in the wrong hands.

In fact, Toronto is seeing a significant increase in the use of guns in violent crime. Consider that as of Monday the city had already seen 35 gun homicides in 2016, up from a total of 21 in 2015. Though it’s not quite “the year of the gun,” when Toronto saw 52 gun deaths in 2005, the trend is frightening enough.

Also troubling is the fact that the majority of illegal firearms in the city now originate in Canada, not the United States.

No wonder. It’s disturbingly easy for licensed gun owners to buy multiple guns with a single permit, and then sell them on the black market. As Betsy Powell reported in Saturday’s Star, security guard Andrew Winchester, for example, purchased an astonishing 47 handguns in a six-month buying binge.

Though all of those handguns would have been added to the Canadian Firearms Registry at the time of purchase, no red flags were raised or followed up on by the chief firearms officers.

It’s not clear why this is happening. It could be because of the watering down of the chief firearms officers’ powers by Bill C-42, or the fact police don’t have the resources to interview gun purchasers. Or, as one Toronto cop complained in a memo obtained by Powell, it could be because an internal conflict within the RCMP’s Canadian Firearms Program has created obstacles to police obtaining information from its registry.

But whatever the reasons, the Trudeau government needs to solve them quickly. Among the government’s most important promises:

    Require enhanced background checks to purchase a handgun or other restricted firearm.

    Require purchasers to actually show their license when they buy a gun and for retailers to confirm it is valid.

    Repeal measures in Bill C-42 that allowed restricted and prohibited weapons to be transported without a permit.

The Liberals recognized all those issues in last year’s election campaign. Now they are in power, they should act on them.
The stupidity of some people goes without saying...their propaganda bullsh*t, lies and manipulation of the truth is extremely dangerous.
Lying to promote personal wants passed on by media is what got Mr.Trump elected, one reads crap like that above in the lame stream media and you have no choice but to disbelieve anything they say, 
The most dangerous thing against a democracy are people like the one above, they do not realize they have become a tool to be used by those who are more interested in increasing their power over us instead of serving.
There is nothing wrong with trying to keep the population safe, don't get us wrong, but we doubt very much this is what it's all about.

That said: (let's dissect what is said above)
1- One can only tighten gun control laws on legal gun owners. Illegal guns do not get registered.
2- Gun crimes increases when the liberal-democrats are in power, and the economy is in a downturn.
3- The majority of illegal firearms do not come from Canada but from the U.S. When you have 300,000 million guns floating around down south, it's inevitable some will find their way into Canada.
4- When one buys a gun or multiple ones in Canada, they are instantly registered to the owner, making it impossible to sell them on the black market without knowing where they come from. It would be a really stupid person who would buy multiple guns from a store and then sell said guns on the black market.
5- There is doubt there would be any conflict within the RCMP on how to get information about what they would think is an illegal gun. One thing about Canadian laws or Canadian law enforcement, they have more power than our cousin to the south, some would say too much.

The thing is, more gun control laws are always against the legal gun owners, not illegal ones. 
This is more about knowing where all the "legal" guns are by governments than black market issues. 
One goes to wonder why the government, through people like the one above are so afraid of responsible citizen than criminals.
Maybe it's got something more to do about spending on the nations credit card to a point where eventually it will go bankrupt and fear that the people will rise against them. Register as many guns as possible, make it harder to own one and whatever will come economically, the elite are still in power after causing the problem in the first place.
In the shape the world is today, with hatred and violence against anyone who is not the same, the liberal-democrats ideal they push, where we all live in a world of make believe and sign kumbaya together is basically non-existent. That kind of reasoning is dangerous, and they know it, they are not as stupid as they make themselves out to be.
Like we said; what they are really worried about is a lost of their economic greed and established personal power. They know damn well time is not on their side with the damages they have caused and a unharmed citizenry is their best chances to keep their personal wealth and power..

The best way to relate to all this is to look at history;
What did Hitler do in 1939...he nationalized everything, made the people dependent on the Government, then federalized police and took everyone's guns,,we all know the rest of the story!!! 

Never take our word for it, we only offer an opinion and information, research for yourself, make up your own opinions, this is the way to ensure your freedoms and those around you, specially the next generation.

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