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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Toronto anti-Trump event a flop....the fall of globalism and left wing policies.

After all the drama we’ve heard over the past few days about the extensive protests and riots in the United States over the presidential election, the Toronto incarnation was a bit of a let down.

Media tee-up stories predicted 1,000 attendees would show up at Nathan Phillips Square at City Hall on Sunday to denounce president-elect Trump. Reports then adjusted that to “hundreds.” Not quite. Maybe 200 were there. Maybe.

And the number drops again if you knock off that sampling of diverse Canadians standing around the periphery of the event who were there merely to watch the spectacle or, as some of them told me or others around them, actually supported Trump.

The basic premise of the event was actually much more sensible than some of the American versions attempting to nullifying the results or retroactively reform the electoral college.

“Make Racists Afraid Again” was the Toronto event’s theme and the slogan, written on a giant banner and a number of signs.

Given the news that a chapter of the KKK plans a celebratory event to mark Trump’s victory, it is truly alarming that such a group would feel emboldened to rear up like that. It would be a hell of a lot nicer if they just crawled back in their hole, fearful of being noticed.

But this unique framing was almost lost because of how this anti-Trump event looked no different than an anti-Harper rally, anti-pipeline protest or any other such event that brings out the usual suspects.

You see the same people at every event. The same public sector union flags are flown in solidarity. The Socialist International crowd was on hand, as usual, handing out copies of their magazine.

It’s like they were all just going through the motions. It must have been nice though, to have a fresh target. Back in October, academics held a conference at Carleton University to discuss just what the hell they were going to complain about now that Stephen Harper had been turfed.

For one whole year, Barack Obama was president and Justin Trudeau prime minister. Plus Kathleen Wynne was still at the helm in Ontario and Rob Ford was long gone from the mayor’s chair in Toronto. There was little to take to the streets about, which sucks if that’s one of your hobbies.

We’ll see. Anti-Trump protests in Canada are planned again for next week. Maybe they’re just getting the machine all fired up again.
Maybe this will give them a hint, that even in Canada, we are all sick and tired of the sjw, left wing, feminists, all men bad, white privilege, safe space, spend spend spend on credit, immoral b*llshit they have been spewing for the past few decades.. 
And that their time of attacking anyone who doesn't think like them is over.
Their way of thinking has weakened the west to a point where it might not recover.

The idea that there is no such thing as Canadian values is another one of their crap that has come back to haunt them, we do have values, just not at the expense of our own.
We don't mind helping others, but we have to do it with a logical mind set, dishing out free stuff is fine, caring for those in need is one of our values, but only "after" we have looked after our poor, elders, children, disabled, so on.
This is NOT a globalist world, we are not ready for it, obviously, (brexit, Trump, more to come). Free-trade takes from industrialized countries and hands it over to developing ones. Reducing our manufacturing sector, moving them to Mexico, or China, or India, did not reduced their prices, it only enriched the greedy, by paying less to their workers. All the while limiting the amount of jobs and taxpayers here at home.
Social programs are under financial stress, they keep on saying all is well, yet borrow to keep them afloat. How is that going to work out in the long run?
We know that competition works well in a capitalist system, so why not between nations instead of handing them...welfare. Or in this case our financial power base.
Be like Canada's present leadership, give away billions upon billions on top of the billions they already give,  then ask these same nations to invest this money we gave them, in this country.
Keep in mind, they pay their labor force the bare minimum, but hey...they will come to a country that has a much higher wage laws, reducing their profits...when did this ever happened????
Can you hear it? The giggles in the background at the idiocy of this type of financial policy.
This is no longer about left or right, it's about been realistic, we have bad financial leaders who think taxpayers money is theirs, in the meantime, looking at their own citizen as a tool to do with as they please.
It's called imperious thinking, the elite abusing the wealth of their own nations, while enriching themselves.
This kind of thinking never ends well....

Life and nature is all about balance, we had the spend, give away, who cares about the debt (obama and co.) corrupt politicians (clintons). The west is close to bankruptcy, maybe now it's time for the other side, start paying down the debt, fixing our finances, so we can keep viable and afford the social programs we already have, instead of adding more and crashing the whole thing under it's own weight.

Brexit and Trump is only the beginning... what's coming is going to be interesting to say the least.

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