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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The West Must Fall Before World Govt Can Be Established

Bringing in massive amounts of immigrants at one time are not our values, it basically produces unemployment for those who are already here and keeps their salaries down. Including our own. When they bring them in, they settle where they can feel comfortable, meaning in a neighborhood where there is already an established immigrant population. Sine there is a limited amount of employment, welfare settles in and a poor working class neighborhood become a ghetto or worse, a slum.
Our true values is to help people on the understanding that it will benefit our own, not put them in a worse situation. When we bring in to many, it reduces the amount of apartment rentals, jacking up the price, reduce jobs, reducing salaries, but most importantly, it causes resentment, even hatred, not to mention, increase in criminal activity, like drugs for those who will take advantage of the situation, or a twisted belief in the idea that it will offer temporary relief for others who have no chance at the dream to improve their families situation. We have seen all this before, just ask an Indian.

You might think that Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist since the main stream media keeps on referring to him as such in order to hide their own propaganda policies, and he might well be in some way. The danger is to listen to them, and not even taking a look at what others think no matter how silly the msm is trying to convince you of it in order to control your mind and the way you think.

That said.... The other thing we noticed is a repeat of history we are going through. In the 1930's, The west found the Soviet Union to be a danger to western elitist power. So they financed, through the imf, world back, or whatever it was called back then, a buffer, between them and the communists and that was Germany. They believed that Hitler and his hatred of communism would serve their purposes in holding back Stalin and financially line their pockets all at the same time. Didn't exactly work out that way, The German government simply printed more money... The results of their idiotic financial policy...well...

The same policies are on the way now, in this case they are called the globalists. In order to line their pockets at our expense, they are using what's going on in the middle east, (which they caused in the first place), bringing massive amounts of refugees who do not hold the same open democratic values as we do, specially on our women's issues and hoping that all will work out in the end, causing resentment and even hatred.
Lower pay, higher rent, costly products, such as food, just to name a few, is putting a strain on our nations in the west to a point where the population is restless. And do the elite care? Not one bit, because behind their posh lifestyle and their electric fences they do not see anything other than how much profits they can make. Here is something you should look up about those who financially support these destructive policies, like the clinton foundation, and george soros of this world... Are they loosing any money or is their pockets been lined even more with billions... Take a wild guess which is which and then ask yourself, why is it every time you decide to oppose this obvious manipulations of you freedom of expressions and financial safety, your called some kind of racist, homophobe, islamophobe or other ists's and ism's...
 They are, as Jessy Ventura said in the movie Predator...

To pry them away from their established seat of power is going to be extremely hard and the new President has to be careful, they won't give up their power so easily. They have their, bought and paid for agitators in congress and inside the bureaucracy, and they (elite, establishment, globalist, AKA; profiteers, carpetbaggers) have no intentions to give it up.
Whatever the case, such greedy policies by a small group who control our lives is always dangerous, they where lucky in the 30's and 40's, that it turned out the way it did, and in the aftermath, they made even more profits. Question is now, are "we" going to be so lucky this time as they manipulate the world for their own globalist intentions.
We have paid a large price with all these free trade agreements, just look at the devastated manufacturing power we use to have, specially in the U.S. and Canada, did they create more jobs? More taxpaying employment? Or more government dependents? They took their businesses and moved them to a place where salaries where ridiculously low and are making even more profits selling us their goods at a even higher price.

But hey, what do we know, who says it didn't work....
There is enough of these to keep them in power for a long time...
Just look at them demonstration the new President's victory. (GOOD LITTLE SHEEPLES)

Where will all this end up?
Remember, they (elitists) believe there is profits in war and reducing the population.

Never take our word for it...research for yourself.
We inform, you decide.

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