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Monday, November 14, 2016

Respect for incoming administration, the end of radical feminism..and the politically correct sjw.

Democracy and freedoms flourishes when you accept opposing opinions and respect the vote of the people. You can be assure that one will have their chance in the next election, and if you do win, that those who oppose you will respect your win.
If not, then the divisions get even further and a nation is on the path to such a division that said country could fall.

I never fully understood the electoral college system of America till now...
Why the Electoral College should be abolished:

As for some of the world leaders who yapped against D.J. Trump, well they are falling in line. (specially Mexico) and...
Saudi Prince Who Called Trump a “Disgrace” – Kisses Trump’s Butt Today

Even our own illustrious leader (not a fan, since he seems to be more a globalist with out tax dollars than taking care of his own people.)
Justin (selfie) Trudeau: Canada Willing to Renegotiate NAFTA with Trump

And if I may say...
B. Obama never ran anything before becoming President, he was an activist, a community organizer, and everyone including those who opposed him accepted him as President.

So, those who demonstrated the election of D.J. Trump, (remember that he ran a giant business and has experience since a government is the biggest business of any country), should give the same respect they received 8 years ago.

And for my feminist friends, how does it feel like to have people vote in an alpha male as President of the United States? (yes it's a poke in the eye..hehe!)

What is the alpha male one may ask?

He defends the rights of women to be who they chose to be.

He protects the Elderly and children...and their right to live in safety

Offers his people the best of life

Punishes those who abuse the laws of the land

That said, the feminist attacks on the traditional family is over, their hatred for husbands and fathers, including working women, stay at home moms and wives, is also over, sure they will continue to yap against it, but who will take them seriously anymore.
And who do radical feminists depend on for their freedom to yap their B.S.? The alpha male...

Does that mean women should not have a place in the government? Of course not, but what we need are strong women, not those who pass on that all women are victims.

Women who should have a place in the incoming administration and would do good for families and the nation...

KellyAnne Conway,

Sarah Palin,

Michele Bachmann,

Janine Pirro

Michelle Malkin

Ann Coulter

My personal favorite Laura Ingraham

I believe these women would be an asset to offer a balance to the politically correct bullshit we have been blasted with these past decades; that have almost destroyed the strength of a nation...the family.

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