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Monday, November 28, 2016

Parent loses fight to pull kids from school over “false teachings”

A Superior Court judge has rejected a Hamilton dad's fight to be warned in advance about what he considers to be "false teachings" so he can pull his kids out of class.

Steve (Eustathios) Tourloukis wanted to be alerted by Hamilton's public school board anytime a long list of topics he considered an attack on his Greek Orthodox religion came up in lessons.

In turning down the request, Justice Robert Reid also refused to declare parents have the final authority over the education of their children in a ruling last Wednesday in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Hamilton.

The ruling puts inclusion and equality before individual religious accommodations in public education and in a diverse society.

Reid said allowing Tourloukis to "isolate" his children from aspects of the curriculum would be conflicting with "competing legislative mandate and Charter values favouring inclusivity, equality and multiculturalism."

Some Christian groups call the decision a blow to parental rights while advocates of the province's anti-bullying legislation see it as a victory.

"This is a landmark decision removing parental authority when it comes to the education of the children," said Charles McVety, president of the Canada Christian College, which helped fundraise for Tourloukis' legal fees.

"It should be most troubling to every parent because this will be a case used as precedent … For me, it's a dark day for children and it's a dark day for parents when special interest groups supersede the rights of a parent to protect their child."

But others see it as a win for Ontario's Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy
, which led to new policies across the province — including in the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board — to remove biases and barriers to ensure all students feel welcomed and accepted.

"It's definitely a step in a positive direction," said Maya Roy, executive director of Newcomer Women's Services Toronto.

Toronto sexual health educator Stephanie Baptist said, "I'm not OK with one person's religious accommodation trumping another person's human rights. 

 "We're all different and our public system must make it safe for all of us. It is by participating in that learning that all students grow up with that open-hearted acceptance of folks of all different backgrounds so we can live together in this pluralist society."

Now look carefully at the words these "people" use;  
Equity, inclusive, positive direction, trumping, participating, open-hearted, acceptance, different background, pluralistic society...

Correct me if I'm wrong but did they just use these words to take away parental rights, religious rights, family rights, children's rights, freedom of choice??
They take away the right of parents to "guide" their kids the way they choose?? And dare to use words like "inclusive"?
How is it "positive direction" when you limit ones own tradition to impose yours on them??

We said it before, they are trying their hardest to rid us of all religious beliefs because they consider it to be a detriment to their eventual twisted goal to replace it with their own immoral views and government supremacy, and  in order to do this they're using...kids.
The idea of teaching sex ed and alternative lifestyles to kids that young, promotes immoral behavior. Without parental guidance, family strength, the next generation is on a path to dependency on governments and it's radicals (like feminism and Marxism).

Amazing; they take away rights of parents and freedom of religion and claim a "pluralistic society".
How the h*ll can you have a free system by taking away family rights, individual rights, freedom of choice, and claim to be "open hearted"?

 A democratic society, a free system must be give respect and accept that there is opposition, different views, we must have an open mind to the idea that not all will think the same.
The very idea that to take away one groups rights to promote another advances resentment, hate, and worse.
These people up there do not promote diversity, as a matter of fact it's the opposite, we seen many groups use this weakness to try to bring in contrary laws to our constitutional rights, sharia laws for instance, where women are considered less than men.

True democracy is always walking a fine line, but it's main goal is to accept that no one should "impose" one's will on others, to look at what is there and debate what we think is right or wrong. 
It is marxism, fascism, totalitarianism to force everyone to think the same, it is not democracy.

Take a good look at what is going on, they are taking away family rights, parental rights, children's rights, religious rights, and replacing it with an imposition of what they see as to how society should behave and claiming it to be...freedom.
Don't you find that a little disturbing?

Your rights to your family and kids are slowly been diluted and taken away, one little piece at a time, and one day you will wake up and....
I guess the real question is; Are they your kids or state property?
The president has the power to “shape our children,” Hillary Clinton said in a controversial tweet that sparked outrage among parents.
“Sexual education is planned for all Quebec students,” Pascal Ouellet, ministry of education spokesperson, told Canadian Press

Let's be realistic; when one group tries to "control" the way every one thinks, there is always a backlash, or is what's going on in politics lately, specially in Europe not obvious enough?
The extreme left is imposing it's will on the population, and now the extreme right is rising.
Where balance was king,  the middle ground is becoming...extincted.

Though if comes to a confrontation, should we be worried?
(LOL, we gotta look at the funny side sometimes, can't be to serious about all this)

It's no secret feminists and marxists want to create omega males, and only in western culture.
Not a good idea if one looks at the real world and they are targeting schools.

Never take our word for it, we offer information and an opinion, it's up to you to research further. We are not a propaganda site like the main stream media.  

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