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Friday, November 4, 2016

And today on The ridiculous files...Bagpiper fined for carrying a knife stuffed in his sock

A Montreal bagpiper said he's never had a problem, but yet he was fined $220 this week for carrying a knife that was stuffed in his sock.

For years, Jeff McCarthy said he's been walking Montreal streets with a traditional Scottish knife stuffed in his sock off and on.

But on Wednesday, while going to play the bagpipes at the McGill University fall convocation at Place-des-arts, he was stopped by police and fined, saying he was carrying a concealed weapon.

McCarthy, who said he might contest the ticket, told the CBC he was shocked, adding he wasn't waving the knife is a violent manner.

Ban on Sikh kirpan (knife) overturned by Supreme Court 
 A Quebec school board was wrong to tell a 12-year-old Sikh boy he could not wear his ceremonial dagger in the classroom, as his faith requires, Canada's top court ruled unanimously Thursday.

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