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Friday, October 21, 2016

Satanic Temple Wants Your Kids After School

The Satanic Temple is seeking to create after-school programs for children in nine US school districts, to counter fundamentalist Christian options which they believe are a violation of laws governing the separation of church and state.

The same organization has previously attempted to have a statue of Satan installed on the grounds of two state capitols, in protest of other religious monuments.

Their efforts in Oklahoma, in response to a Ten Commandments monument, were successful: the state Supreme Court eventually banned all religious displays on capitol grounds, to avoid having to display an eight-foot bronze Satan.

The group has also previously attempted to lead so-called Satanic invocations at city council meetings, in protest of Christian prayers being used for the same purpose.

Now, the Temple has their sights set on the Child Evangelism Fellowship Good News Clubs, after-school programs that teach the Christian bible on public school grounds. The school districts targeted include those in the states of Utah, Georgia, California, Florida, Oregon, Washington state, Missouri, Maryland and Arizona.
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 Here’s a glimpse inside Satanic Temple’s new headquarters in Salem (VIDEO)
In every healthy society, one has to have limitations, specially when it comes to teaching the young. 

If evil is thought as a normal thing then all it represents will be seen as normal. 
Morality goes out the door, and immoral behavior flourishes.
Such a society cannot survive....

 So, you say it does  not concern you or your kids? It's not anywhere near you? Good for you.
But remember this, evil expands, give it time...it will reach out.

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