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Friday, October 28, 2016

Maxime Bernier Conservative Leadership Contestant's pro-family policy.

Duplicitous politicians
Maxime Bernier
Today, 9:38 AMYou
Terry, milk, chicken, and eggs.
We use them every day.
Politicians tell people all the time that they believe in free markets.
But these same politicians force families to pay sky high prices for these family essentials by supporting legal cartels that cut competition out of the market.
This duplicity must end.
Here are the facts:
Canadians are paying double the market price of milk, poultry and eggs.
Politicians push this through price controls and closed markets.
The cost to Canadian families is $2.6 billion annually.
That’s $300-600 extra every year for Canadian families to feed themselves.
This hurts the poor the most.
Nearly 200,000 low-income Canadians are pushed below the poverty line because of supply management.
Duplicitous politicians
Politicians will tell you they support free markets for beef, pork, and grain.
And the same politicians will tell you they support closed markets for milk, poultry and egg. They support price fixing and customer gouging.
That is duplicitous.
They are putting special interests first and families last.
I will put Canadian families first
By establishing a free market for milk, poultry and eggs.
Canadian families will save hundreds of dollars every year.
Help me put Canadian families first.

Hon. Maxime Bernier
Conservative Leadership Contestant
Been a pro-family site, this is a very good policy for families, especially poor ones...
Thing is, with the "say something to get elected then something else once in power" attitude of the modern politician these days, specially during the last election, can we trust what he puts forward...
We'll give him the benefit of the doubt...hopefully he is one of the "few" who will hold on to his word.

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